Chinatown #2

I consider this man a living landmark of Chinatown. He is always at that corner (if I remember correctly) of Washington and Grant yelling Happy, Happy, Happy (i think that's what he meant, unless it's a chinese word that sounded like happy) to everyone and no one in particular. He carries an anti-Bush (govt) sign that changes every month, I believe. I doubt if he knows what his signs say. But he is one of the most photographed landmarks (living or not) of Chinatown. After a very long time of hesitating, I acted like a tourist and took this photo. I felt great when some SF photobloggies also carry his photo in their blogs. I am not alone in thinking he deserves all the coverage he can get.


  1. wake up america haha this is cute. he even waved for you, he must be really used to tourists taking his photos :D

  2. Interesting! A living landmark. Maybe if he died, he'll have a monument or statue on tha same spot. Wow. He must really hate the israelis with that sign


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