Flowers and Chocolates...

for Valentine's Day? Nah. I prefer this.


  1. Me too!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Oohhh, that is just beautiful.

    So do I!

  3. Definitely a wonderful choice!

    Check out them waves, huh? Good enough for surfing.

  4. this looks very inviting cache.... when we aren't walking the forest trails ... this is where you'll find us.... on the beach!

    it's a good choice for valentine's day.... much better than eating chocolates and gaining unwanted lbs... :) i enjoyed!

  5. cyberpals... replying two days later, hoped you had a good 02/14.

    carol...there is something about walking in the woods and on the beach that invigorates the soul and fills the heart with immense joy.


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