2008 Sikh Parade, Part 2 (Sightings Along Parade Route)

It probably was on the news.

Free food here!!!!

I love the color of her dress!

In school uniform.

Beautiful fabrics!

I noticed blues in all hues were abundant.

More blue, wondeful fabric.

This ends this two-part series. I can't wait to go back to posting one photo a day. I'll probably stop running series for a while.


  1. Yes... nice cloths... full of color!
    Nice they give out free food... must be something of a nightmare to give food for 80.000 people....

  2. These pictures are so beautiful and colourful. I really enjoyed looking at them!

  3. i've always been interested with the sari. ganda k'se ng fabric with the rich colours and textures too.

  4. Very colorful parade indeed. The Indians have some of the best preserved traditions in the world. Even their clothings are very traditional, except for those young hip-hop Sikhs, hehehe

  5. This series is a fine one for its presentation of these fabrics in such variety. Of course, the people are even more interesting to me. Some beautiful women to further enhance the beauty of the blues! :-) Nice post.

  6. The colors of that part of the world's culture never cease to amaze me, Maria!

  7. Beautiful women, they were those lovely colors and fabrics well.

  8. Beautiful women, they were those lovely colors and fabrics well.

  9. I admire those beautiful women in their colorful garments.

  10. Magnificent series. We have similar events here, though most of them seem to be influenced more by South Indian culture than those of the northwest. But nobody puts on a party like the people of India!


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