Ah Giza

We eventually got on our way. We traveled 27 km from Cairo to Giza passing by one exotic street scene to another. The scene was so fascinating and so new to me that taking pictures didn't really occur to me at all. And we for a little bit we were driving by alongside the Nile River. This would be my only sighting of the historic body of water.
Not too long we caught a glimpse of those beautiful peaks.
Passed by Giza where we saw camels alongside motorized vehicles sharing the roadway.
Arrived in Giza. This is our much improved vehicle from the one that we initially had. This one had extra seats, so I'm guessing this one's an 18-seater. The air conditioning is such a pleasure. Likewise are the clean windows for us tourists who snap while the bus moves along.
Ticketbox. Get tickets before entering, part of the tour fees.

Note: I have been having technical difficulties with firewall and proxy servers. I have taken video clips from this trip but somehow has been unable to upload them on Flickr, Facebook, and You Tube, which causes me too much distress. Giving my husband reason to call me Drama Queen.

Is there anyone who can tell me what to do when my videos don't upload and I get an error that says: Unknown error occurs. My files are AVI and MVI.

I really really wanted to share with you this one particular video. If I cannot overcome this hurdle, I will have to suspend one posting for this series.


  1. Hahaha I never able to load on You Tube. Maybe because I am too impatient..lol. I always take short video and post direct to my blog. Long video will take too long to load.

  2. Oh, Egypt - where you must have lotsa change for tips. You can carry the man hanging onto your luggage + luggage, or leave it to the man to carry and pay him the tip. Thereafter you will hear what a lousy tipper you are.
    I am interested in ancient stuff and would like to see it at leisure. The constant looking out for your stuff and having people in your face to perform ridiculous 'services' for money, has Egypt at the bottom of my list for a visit. Seen it once, don't suffer twice.

  3. love the second picture. majestic!!

  4. Wow, I want to go to the pyramids. I'm very glad that you had air conditioning there!

    Try the "advanced upload" feature in youtube for your video.

    join me on the Path to the Summit

  5. How exciting for you to see that famous Nile River...and the pyramids as well. They are a sight to behold.

    Great photos.

    Sorry about the video, can't help you there.

  6. If I were there, the sight of the pyramids on the second photo probably thrilled me a lot already.

    I think that the AVI file should be uploaded smoothly via You Tube (based on experience).

  7. when i think about egypt, it's all about Giza and camels. Surprised to see it's changed. ^0^
    guess i should learn more about it.
    nice fotos!
    btw, try uploading them on 4shared, get the code and paste them. it might work.
    that's where i usually go to. ^0^
    hope it helps.

  8. love the 2nd pic.

    have you tried converting your video to mpeg or other video related file?

  9. i would have jumped up and down seeing the pyramids...lol.

  10. TO ALL - I'm getting help from my nephew and hopefully he can diagnose the problem and fix it :)

    Kayni - we were beside ourselves when we took our first peek at those peaks!!!!

    Marian - I'm not sure if I know how to convert files yet. Will pick nephew's brain when he comes over.

    Louis - we didn't get that far to sample Egyptian "hospitality" since we were here for a day's excursion only. we arrived back to alexandria around midnight. but the railways employees and tourists police were very kind and helpful. i had only raves for their hospitality.

  11. Wasn't it a goose-bumps moment Maria to finally come face to face with something that has stood even before Jesus walked this earth? My only complaint is too much touts even the police feel helpless.

  12. What a nice trip. Great views and sceneries indeed!

  13. Glad you're getting help for your uploads because I'm an ignoramus when it comes to such things. But I had to laugh at the beginning of your post, thinking of the Queen of Denial song. :D

  14. oooh, i saw the pyramids yay.

    maybe the file itself is too big. you may want to try using windows movie maker first. :)

  15. And what did you do when he called you a drama queen? :)

    Looks like a very promising series of interesting photos.

    Have you started enjoying the summer yet? Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  16. @ JOY - have taken that summer vacay to Cancun at the end of June. Been sunburned and sweated it out, so I can say I'm done with summer and just too happy with our upper 60s to low 70s temps here.

  17. love all pix..but the second one is perfect! no Giza this time for me but another Europe adventure next month...can't wait for it!

    take care and thanks for sharing these images!



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