Better Late And Pretty

Just like on NY's eve, the west coast would have to wait for everybody else to finish dropping the ball, before ours drop and we click glasses.  I feel the same exact annoyance sometimes at having to wait for our fall colors to arrive.  And they don't all arrive the same time.  A few trees seem to be in hurry so they change colors in October.  In my neighborhood, the row of maples haven't turned their leaves yet.  Last year, they were at their peak on Christmas day :)

So I wasn't surprised when I was doing my running around town and nearby cities to see most of the trees were in the mid of their display of colors.  Bear with me as I share a few more of our late-arriving fall colors.

11-27-2010 064

11-27-2010 062

11-27-2010 060

And when you get indoors this is what greets you - a different kind of tree with its own guard.
11-27-2010 094
Sorry for the shoddy photography, but I was hiding. I didn't want anyone to know I was shooting at Santa, they might want me to pay the going rate of having photo taken with Santa.

I've been to the mall more times since Thanksgiving than all the other times this year. And was surprised to see that it's not crowded at all. I wonder if everyone had completed their list during the Black Friday extravaganza; hence the empty mall?


  1. i love the fall colors. i still have a few fall photos to post. at the mall i frequent, they have the perfect looking Santa with a matching Mrs. Clause. I keep wondering if they're husband and wife in real

  2. Maria, these are fantastic autumn colors indeed. I also like the beautiful image of Santa with the Christmas tree and the gift parcels.

  3. Nakaka "koreanovelas" ang settings ahihihi :D

  4. there's a fee to take a photo of Santa?! probably the reason why Santa seems to be looking at you! LOL

    i didn't know fall arrives late in San Francisco. beautiful photos.

  5. Hopefully the empty mall doesn't mean anything bad about the economy this year, Maria? Maybe it was just a coincidence. In the meantime, your autumn delay just means the rest of us get to see it awhile longer. I, for one, will NOT complain!

  6. They might want you to give them your amera card or throw you out of the mall. I have been told off many times.

  7. I would love to walk through that road, feel the sound of each leaf under mi shoes.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  8. i love the trees and the last pic with santa. i can feel Christmas from your photos :)

    Advance Merry Christmas

  9. the first foto was stunning. almost postcard perfect! ^0^
    and that brown maple leaf reminded me of something I kept awhile back.
    I still have it, even if it's so crunchy already... ^-^
    I like collecting leaves when I'm a tourist.

  10. Lovely shots of fall color. I took a few shots of them this morning as I took a walk along side the river.

  11. I love Autumn colours like you have posted here, especially like the ones in the top picture :)

  12. Gorgeous autumn colours and brilliant light!

  13. they might want me to pay the going rate of having photo taken with Santa. >>> hahaha... and santa's giving you a hard look.

  14. So many beautiful leaves still around! Nice shots. Santa looks like he caught you shooting him!

  15. Nice fall colors! Ours were gone already, gone by the wind and rain ;-)

    About your santa's photo, it looks like he's staring at you and demanding for a pay hahaha

  16. Those are very lovely colours of fall. I think it's great that you actually get to know the colours across the 3 months :)

    I think Santa caught you!

    A couple of days left before the New Year. Are you ready?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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