Cannery Row

The rain did not let up while we were in Pacific Grove. It was time to eat we thought, so we did.

Afterwards, we thought of going back to Monterey and window shop along Cannery row; we'd burn our calories that way and hopefully find something sweet to munch on.

No matter how many times I visit Monterey and Cannery Row I never tire of it. It's like an old neighborhood that you've known all along and after being away for some time, you'd want to see what's new or unchanged with the old hood.

Here are some of the photos that I took while walking in the rain in Cannery Row.

Always wanted to eat here - a Mexican restaurant, El Torito if I'm not mistaken - but out here there's way too many restaurants to choose.

Would have been lovely to duck inside, but we just ate.

Good ole California humor.

Rain had made the plants happy.

The street is lined with restaurants with views of the water.

We eventually got tired of being wet so we ducked inside a candy store and grabbed us a pound or two of salt water taffy.



  1. Genial el restaurante que esta encima del embarcadero¡¡¡

  2. I love to eat feeling the smell of the sea. Great trip.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monterey area, Maria. I was there many times in my past life. My MIL lived in nearby Salinas but worked in Monterey. What a great city! I especially like your image of the Reeses's PB Cups!! :)

  4. What a lovely place for a holiday! I will go crazy in that candy store. :P

  5. If I live in California (or the US, for that matter), I'd never tire of Monterey and Carmel too. When I used to live there eons ago, we'd frequent these places. It's like my Sagada today. No matter how often I return, I'm always giddy with excitement, will never tire of it.

  6. What a marvelous place it is! And those candies and chocolates! Yummmmmm ...!

  7. What a lovely and typical place. Thank you for making us discovering it!

  8. interesting place, love the colourful buildings and facades. but you made me hungry with mexican food, been craving for that for quite sometime now. not to mention the sugar rush from seeing all the candies. hahaha! btw, yup i do tweak photos from my phone, i just follow what looks good on my eyes :D

  9. I love the mexican restaurant and Fish Hopper buildings, they look really great. The blooming aloe shot is beautiful!

  10. Love the photos, especially the candy store. I wouldn't know what to get from all the goodies inside. They all look yummy.

  11. i love the fish hopper structure. so picturesque. i love places like this.

  12. OMG, what don't we have those kind of Reese's here?! Btw, that is my kind of place -- I like the humour, the colour, and the bit of mysterious cum rustic look of the surrounds.

  13. Love this series. Reminds me of passing through there in 2007.

  14. nice set of shots! i really like the floral ones and the one with the FishHopper. And that candy looks sooo good :D

  15. Did you feel like a kid let loose? That Fishhopper place sure looked very interesting. It must be great to have all that lovely colour this time of the year.

    Are you drawing up list of resolutions for 2011?

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