A Day Trip To Yucatan Peninsula Part 1

On our penultimate day in Cancun, we planned to take a day trip to Yucatan Peninsula to visit Chichen Itza and the Cenote (cave). I was very excited to go because I love bus rides and this one's about 3 hours long.

We were fetched by a bus in our hotel, we were the first hotel to be picked up so the bus was empty and we got to pick our seats. Then the bus went around the Hotel Zone picking up people who signed up for this tour.

That was long process, there was waiting on some people, which I am sure you cannot avoid.

When all the people on their pick up list were there, we were dropped off in another spot near the water, away from the Hotel Zone where other buses were also dropping off people.

The tour included the tickets to Chichen Itza but we needed to buy our tickets in this out of the way spot. We were told that there might be a possibility to transfer buses in case there was no need for a bigger bus.

This would be part 1 of this day long trip, it was a long day. Here are some of the photos we took.

This was where we were dropped off and purchased our tickets. Thought we had time to do a little shopping, but not really. We were ushered immediately into the same bus we alighted to begin our journey.

I am going to see the Mayan pyramid!

We passed by many colorful store facade, but my fave is Senor Frog's facade.

When we were stopped I noted this guy was either cleaning the sign post or repainting it.

We stopped at the toll plaza and was told to use the facilities as we have a long drive ahead of us. It was empty, no one was traveling.

finepix 074
This is our bus. The driver also sells cold beverages, including beer. I felt like I was in the Philippines :)


  1. I had to do a double look because I thought those were food coupons for some dish called chiken itza hehehe

  2. I would love to travel as much as you and get photos as alive as yours.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  3. nice driver :).

    senior frog is cute. i saw a version of him in san juan.

  4. Chichen Itza is my dream place to visit in Cancun!

  5. i like that plaza facade it has a certain character to it

  6. Nice pictures, beautiful those colorful stores and I like that motorway deserted too!
    Happy weekend!

  7. i love the frog-eating-the-building concept. beautiful.

    kainggit. cancun. *sigh*

  8. That's exactly how we were pooled prior to the Chichen Itza tour - in one shop of a tourist trap.


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