Winding Down Our Time In Cabo

When we finished eating, I thought we were ready to end the tour. I was ready. As a matter of fact, when I peeked at my watch I was happy that the tour was ending soon as I can allot time for shopping. I spotted this shopping area by the waterfront, and I was really keen on checking out the merchandise.

But our tour guide didn't go to the dock side. Instead we entered a resort area where he said on this resort/hotel's 7th floor we could see the Pacific Ocean on the right side and the left side the sea of Cortez.

The resort was quite fancy and I didn't really mind checking out this place. Just in case I find myself around this area again, this is a wonderful place to stay.

The reception desk area, the lady behind the desk didn't even say a word about our presence there. I think this place is part of every tour.
Off the reception area is a corridor leading to the pool area and the beach. This is the Pacific Ocean side.
We took this corridor and got into the elevator located on the right side and rode up to the 7th floor.
Up on the 7th floor, our guide in orange shirt is showing my husband the view.
This view. More impressive from above don't you think?
Then we went the other way and walked through this bridge/covered walkway where my husband and I found the view to be spectacular as well.
The other resorts. The domed structure interested and intrigued me.
This marina is on the Sea of Cortez side.
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The lights were on when we were ready to board the tender back to the ship. I found time to browse, not shop because the stalls were closing by the time we finished with the tour.

All in all it was a lovely day in Cabo. The landscape is desert like and the weather is dry and cooler than the rest of Mexico.


  1. wow! it's nice when tour guides bring out the best in the last part bringing in some surprises. i like the mountain view in the third to the last photo apart from the view of the pacific ocean.

  2. Ang gamda ng view! That is such a magnificent place to stay. Mukhang di na ako aalis pag pumunta ako diyan.

  3. For me, that would have been totally worth not being able to shop, Maria. I hope it was okay for you, too. :)

  4. Lovely! Fantastic photos.

  5. I like your passion to catch the most of the details of the towns you visit.



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  6. Great series, Maria, all so impressive. The views are fantastic, very interesting the domed structure.

  7. I have a feeling the resort welcomes cruise passengers very openly as this allows them to "advertise" their product right there ahora mismo!

    It's a win-win situation for all - you get a great preview (in case you do want to come back!)and the resort has now one potential future guest!

  8. The dome captured a bit marked a huge presence in this post.

  9. wow, breath taking!
    me too, i always want to check fancy hotels, for free! tapos ipunan na para sa real stay!


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