The Adventure Begins

After our Art Deco venture we wind down our time in Miami by having dinner at the Beer Garden in Coral Gables. As of this writing, I was told that the bar had closed its doors.

We were flying out of Miami the following day at 2:55 pm. Originally, our plans included a half day of sightseeing and maybe shopping in Miami. However, we had to be in the airport by 8:30 am. Why? Because of some lousy fine print.

Here is why you should read the fine print. We purchased a voucher for one day car rental for $12.50. What a great deal isn't it? This is the voucher that was offered by Travelzoo I think.

When we collected the rental car, we paid for the amount, which according to the voucher was 50% off the regular price. Knowing that we had a late departure the following day, we asked if we could keep the car until about 12 noon the next day and just pay for a second day. When the transaction was complete, the credit card was swiped, and the hubby was to sign the merchant's copy, the total was more than $100. So my husband asked it didn't add up even if we get to pay the regular price for the next day. Here's where the fine print can get you if you don't ask. The first day for the rental was a steal at $12.50. The second day would cost $73. Yap.

Therefore, we rose early the next day, departure day, to be at the rental car office by 8:30 am, which means we had the whole day to spend inside the airport. Fun, eh?




All American

The floors were marine theme.
It must be due to the ongoing renovations of the airport but it was a hassle to go from one wing to another because one needs to go outside in the suffocating heat to reach the other side.

Why can't all airports be like Changi?

What did we do in all those hours? We had coffee at Starbucks while I attempted to write my journal. We walked and walked and window-shopped and saw a little place to eat whose sign says they have the best cakes according to Oprah, so we stopped to get a piece of pie, not cake. One guess what kind of pie. This being Florida of course we got the Key Lime Pie. And it was good too.

Must be the lack of sleep and exhaustion, but I wasn't interested in taking photos during take off. This one's courtesy of my hubby. The flight to San Jose took 2.5 hours.

[Note: I had been so excited to blog about this vacation when I returned from it. But the massive amount of photos to sort out wet blanketed the whole excitement. In addition, I got busy with extra-curricular activities that got me more sidetracked.]


  1. I share the same sentiment, why can't all airports be like Changi? I'm such a fan. Btw, the marine-themed floor looks like a classic.

  2. I suppose you are still lucky you weren't stuck at NAIA terminal 1 hehehe you would probably die of boredom!

    I agree Changi Airport totally rocks! :D

  3. i agree...why can't all airports be like changi hehe

  4. I've heard Miami is a place to pass by, but no to stay. I love the first photo, pink atmosphere, so Miami!!



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  5. HA! So you're a cheapskate just like I am and you took too many pictures. Well, it's that crazy time of the year. Once you have time, do your thing. Till then, just chill!

  6. i like that all we need is love sign plus a really nice airport. the aerial shot is also nice because of the group of buildings.

  7. That was indeed a steal for less than thirteen bucks! I wonder if you would have gotten the same deal if you bought 2 days rental in the first place?

  8. well let's just think you rented the car for $50 each day. =)

    gets ko yang super daming photo. ang hirap mamili. ang hirap simulan ng blog..

  9. the rent a car deal was a bummer.. you're right, we should always check the fine print!

    I always make a habit of deleting photos I don't like in the camera once I have a chance to review them. Ang hirap mag organize mg maraming photos !


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