La Fortuna

By the time we got all seated in the van (Interbus) bound for destination #2, La Fortuna, we have been traveling half a day. This was a travel day. The drive was according to our itinerary was 2.5 hours. It felt more like 4 hours. The long drive gave me a chance to indulge in wool gathering; hence, almost no drive by photos.
I said almost no drive by photos. We passed by varied landscape from agricultural to small towns.
2011_09_04 664

2011_09_04 687
Unlike our entire stay in Tortuguero, the expected rainy season was what greeted us as we neared La Fortuna.

We passed by the town of La Fortuna on the way to the hotel. We arrived at our accommodation tired from a whole day's journey around 5 pm. It was raining still. We didn't have any plans for the night, although I was okay with just staying put for the night. Needless to say I could use some relaxing after all the traveling. But the Sacramento lady in our tour group suggested why not soak in hot water spring tonight? Why not indeed? Why waste precious moments sleeping? We can do that when we get back home.

Luckily by the time we decided to go to the springs, our Interbus driver was still around. We talked him into taking us to the springs and back to the hotel. He agreed to pick us up from our hotel at 6 pm, and then take us back by 9 pm.

Tabacon Hot Spring is the main hot spring attraction here, but we decided to go to Baldi Hot Springs. They have many pools with different temperature level. Part of the fun is checking each pool for one's heat tolerance threshold. We found the one that has a waterfall that feels like you're getting an aqua massage as the one we would spend time in. Included with the admission to the pools is free meals. They have a buffet setup, men must wear a shirt to eat, but women can walk around and eat in their bathing suit. I don't have any pictures here that are worth sharing :). I was more interested in relieving aching muscles than photographing the place.

DAY 5 We didn't get the full effect of how beautiful our hotel is until the next day in full sun. We arrived the evening before in pouring rain and very gloomy skies.

We stayed in Mountain Paradise Hotel. The rooms are spread out over the property in one storey bungalow-like set-up. Each one contains 2 room. So much privacy, you don't even see or hear the other room. Our room was the closest to the front desk and restaurant/dining area.

2011_09_04 711

The room is really spacious, had two king-sided beds, air-conditioned, with volcano views outside our room and just outside our bedroom is a little balcony that contains our own jacuzzi. But the bathroom is the main star. Not only is it very spacious, it also has two showers, one regular shower to the left and on the right it has the waterfalls shower with real live plants. Luxurious. For one who travels on a budget, this one's really luxury to me.

Hubby is waiting for the cloud covering the peak of the volcano to pass so he could shoot.
The dining room/restaurant, a few minutes walk away. 2011_09_04 792
The view of the volcano from the dining area.

But wait here's what's in the garden: P1020364 P1020363 IMGP0771
The fruits are free to guests. We helped ourselves. IMGP0756
Just outside our room, I watched hummingbirds and never felt so alive. IMGP0922 IMGP0925

We're ready to explore La Fortuna and see it's natural wonders.


  1. WOW! You and Hubby sure do get around, Maria. You could write a book of all your adventures.

  2. Gorgeous.... Everywhere you go down there is incredible. I love La Fortuna.. Your accomodations and OH--those tropical plants and flowers are fabulous... You are one lucky lady to have had that trip.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your travel day may have been rainy, but your day at the hotel looks absolutely gorgeous. The hotel sounds fabulous -- it must have been quite an experience. The gardens are magnificent, but I really like the view of the volcano. I hope your husband got lots of great pictures.

  4. Love your accommodation. It sure is a treat to find wonderful places even on a budget. I think the hot spring escapade on a rainy night was the perfect way to go.

  5. the kind of place i love to stay. great aura for a relaxing time with people and even better with nature.

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  7. relaxation at its best dear.
    i love the nature feel of this trip you're posting.
    btw, were there lots of fruits to choose from? the one you posted looks juicy enough already.
    and my! what a spacious space for shower. ^0^

  8. Another fine series with interesting and informative pictures. I really like the color scheme of accommodation overnight. Very good series.

  9. I agree...write a book or maybe a photo book of all these places. Love the yellow haus...join us at wednesday windows ha...

  10. Tropical paradise. Great shots. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  11. wow!! love the hotel you stayed in. makes me crave for another out of country quick trip either alone or with company! :)

  12. I've also been there. Bathing in hot springs at night while looking at the lava coming out of the vulcano is something I will never forget!

  13. Great shots, the place is serene. :D

  14. Lovely hotel, the yellow walls are gorgeous!!

  15. just like Pinas subalit mukhang mas malinis at maayos. Looks like the air is fresh and the vegetation is so healthy and lush.

  16. The hot springs were really a welcome relief after a long day of adventure. We did go to Tabacon though.


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