Wine Country Breather Part 2

There is so much left of the day to go wine tasting. At most we have 2 hours more - but that's stretching it.


Our inn belongs to the company of Ferrari-Carano who also owns a vineyard. Thus, we have a free tasting flight.

2012_02_21 094
The walk up from the parking lot to the tasting room is thru a well marked path amid a well-manicured garden. The Ferrari-Carano garden is well known. However, it was February and very little was blooming.
2012_02_21 091

2012_02_21 093

2012_02_21 089
The tasting room is seen in the background. I didn't take pictures while wine tasting.

When we finished with our tasting flight (none of the wines we tasted made an impression to either the hubs nor I) we were ready to go and find the other wineries for more wine tasting, but I spotted the a little gated garden a bit secluded. So we went and investigated.


Join me as I walk around the garden:






2012_02_21 100

2012_02_21 104


We left Ferrari-Carano with the intention of going to town for a little bit more of wine tasting, except that we passed by a small roadside store that seems quirky enough for our taste. We parked on the dirt roadside and went in. Inside is a combination of gift shop and deli. We bought one sandwich to split and a bottled drink. The store is in a little hilly area overlooking the road and miles and miles of vineyards. The seating area in the front of the store had been taken. An older couple, unmistakenly tourists, were sipping vino on the rocking chairs looking contentedly at the view. There were Hispanics on the tables drinking beer and eating chips. Apparently coming back from day at work. They were quite loud, but not rude.

We took a little picnic table on the side that was just vacated by a couple of cyclists. The sandwich was filling.

When we took the road again, we changed our minds about more wine tasting for the day. It was getting late, I told the hubby I wanted to go back to the inn by sundown so I can get a good sunset shot.

However, he said while we're here why not go and see about making our visit to Guy Fieri's restaurant, JOHNNY GARLIC'S. We are fans of the celebrity chef.

2012_02_21 109
Despite our dinner reservations in less than 2 hours, I was persuaded to sit in the bar and order a drink and this appetizer, artichokes and made from scratch potato chips.

When we got back to the inn to rest and freshen up before dinner, the sun had clearly gone down but I managed to capture this.

2012_02_21 123
Unfortunately it was too dark to even tell it's from a vineyard. be continued.......


  1. i can see you do have a knack for wine tasting. ^0^
    as for me, even the simplest merlot or cabernet sauvignon looks the same to me.
    i wish i could have that wine tasting experience sometime. ^0^

  2. beautiful garden. love the colors. love the shots. thanks for taking me there. :)

  3. Simply beautiful. and your artichoke and chips appetizer makes my mouth water even though it's nearly midnight as i write this.

  4. A very good place to be lost...Good work

  5. The garden you spotted made a fine diversion. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. I love how you can meander through any day or place and have so much to show for it, Maria. :)

  7. Lovely gardens and what an amazing sunset shot!


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