Plumas County

It was ten years ago when I first took the drive to scenic Plumas County. I remember that fall drive clearly. My then boyfriend was coming from his graveyard shift job and was in no condition to drive. So I drove. This was before GPS and phones that can do everything. Then it was maps to the rescue. He mapped out my route and it seemed pretty easy. All straight drive for 2-3 hours before I make a turn. Really easy until I found myself driving in pouring snow. It was a road trip to see fall colors, blue skies and lovely weather and not white stuff all over the ground. I had to wake him up, told me to pull up in the nearest gas station. He asked how I came to be near Tahoe while I'm supposed to be in Plumas County. Until today, I swear I did only drive straight. But I was distracted by the scenic views.

Every other year we take this road trip, 500 miles round trip, but except for that first time, we take the other way around, coming back via Truckee.

Have you been to Paradise? I've almost been there, except that I was headed to Quincy.
Through experience we know that taking the Feather River Scenic Byway is best way to make the most of this sightseeing road trip. The FRSG weaves through lush valleys, massive rock formations, dense forests of mixed conifers and pine and oak woodlands. It runs alongside the very picturesque Feather River. Along the way you go through tunnels and bridges.
I love this road trip even without the sighting of those lovely colorful fall leaves.
2011_10_22 036
It doesn't hurt that the skies were blue.
On this particular road trip, we decided to stop in Quincy, get out of the car and explore the little downtown area. We've only driven past this town in previous trips so I was excited to walk and shoot.
2011_10_22 078
You find that small towns are not lacking in dining options. Here's one.
Here's another one.
2011_10_22 100
The town was a little quiet, but we saw a handful of visitors just like us walking up and down window shopping and shooting.
2011_10_22 103
This building is eye-catching with its white and blue trim color scheme.
2011_10_22 073
The town also has a handful of bed and breakfasts, inns and cottages.
And then we got hungry. And found that the other restaurants were closed, but this one pizza shop was open. It's has an eclectic decor, not something you would expect to see in pizza parlor. Just look at the wall.
We ordered a calzone and breadsticks, but was taking too long so I took photos inside.
2011_10_22 104
The other tourists we saw outside taking photos also went to eat here, so we felt somehow happy with our choice.
2011_10_22 108
The breadsticks were good, I never order them when I go to have pizza, but I can go with just breadsticks the next time around. Yeah I know all carbs right?
And then we were back on the road.
I've got another road trip post in the offing.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on this road trip. I've driven through these places but I seldom stop. I must, next time.

  2. It is a lovely drive and Quincy has a lot of character! Last time I was here, I accidentally got turned around when I was trying to head back to the Bay Area...I started heading toward Reno instead. Duh! Took me a bit to figure out that I was heading in the wrong direction; I got to see some pretty scenery though!

  3. that is one scenic drive. beautiful. i love the birdges!

  4. Nothing like taking trips in your own state, Maria! I especially love the image of the two bridges. WOW. That would be a sight for sore eyes. A great photo op.

  5. seriously though, if you haven;t introduce this county, i wouldn't have an inkling about it. ^0^
    very scenic, esp the bridge part,
    and the colorful houses just makes it more interesting.


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