Bangladesh: Last Minute Shopping

As the day got closer to departure date, I was faced with two more tasks: first was to shop and the second to meet with Peachy.

I mentioned in the previous post that relatives in Barisal gifted me with money when we visited them. Tradition dictates that I spend it on jewelry for myself. I didn't touch the money until two days before departure because I wasn't keen on spending it on jewelry. I was thinking about buying clothes with it. But I wanted to avoid getting disowned by my SIL (joke) if I persist in breaking tradition, so I got her to take me shopping, what else.

Gold prices were sky high so I knew that the money wouldn't get anything worth keeping. Besides that I prefer silver than gold. I own more silver than gold jewelry. However past experiences have made me aware that not only are the silver jewelry in Bangladesh below standard (versus let's say Mexican silver jewelry), the selection is extremely limited. Apparently Bangladeshis don't care much for silver. For them it's gold or nothing. But not all can afford gold, especially at prices these inflated; so the next best thing is to get gold plated jewelry. The base metal is silver. They use a lot of gold in plating the metal that it's worth spending money.

Our destination was nearby Mouchouk Market. The proximity of the market to my SIL's place is not the only inducement, it is also filled with stuff I really like to take home.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 102
View of traffic from overhead pedestrian bridge.

This is why I just love this market:

2012_08_20 bangladesh 167

2012_08_20 bangladesh 159

2012_08_20 bangladesh 154

2012_08_20 bangladesh 142

2012_08_20 bangladesh 141

2012_08_20 bangladesh 139

2012_08_20 bangladesh 137

2012_08_20 bangladesh 136

2012_08_20 bangladesh 131

2012_08_20 bangladesh 134

My SIL has a PhD in bartering that I got more pieces than I thought I could afford. I wouldn't shop without her in Bangladesh.

The market is paradise for fabric lover.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 118
When he saw me photographing the fabric across his stall, he called me and asked to have his picture taken and asked if I would post it on facebook.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 117
This was the fabric I was photographing. It's an ornate fabric used for wedding sari.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 112
Bangladesh being a Muslim country, you would only find male shopkeepers.

I could stay here all day browsing at the merchandise.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 183

2012_08_20 bangladesh 180

2012_08_20 bangladesh 177

2012_08_20 bangladesh 178

We also couldn't forget to take home Bangladeshi delicacy in the form of its sweets. These dessert items are made of milk and cane sugar and are seasoned with various spices. They are really delicious.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 264

2012_08_20 bangladesh 259

Finally I got to meet Peachy, who as I mentioned in the previous post is a Filipino expat and as of this writing is married to her Bangladeshi Prince. It was very nice to meet my first blog friend there.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 109
Felt like I've known her forever.

And last but not the list, I got brave and had my hand done with henna. However because of time constraints, I managed to twist my SIL's arm to do it for me. She did a good job, methinks.

2012_08_20 bangladesh 103

This ends my Bangladesh vacation/journey. Thank you for reminiscing it with me.



  1. Wow, it must have been wonderful to see your blogger friend. I can't stop thinking how the sweets taste like. I'm in a sweet tooth mood.

  2. @ Kayni - similar to our yema; very creamy and delish.

  3. Interesting post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. What a great tour you had! The scenes and people are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. thanks for the virtual tour. the jewelries are very eye-catching.

  6. What an interesting market. You didn't say what jewelry you ended up with.

  7. wow, a shopper's heaven, indeed! personally, i prefer white gold than gold gold, and antique silver. love the fabrics, too! there's a market in Cebu where they sell tons of fabrics--i always go there when i have time. will take photos next time.:p

    a PHD in bartering! LOL i'd love to learn from your SIL! i have poor haggling skills!

    what an adventure! you should visit PI soon--let's go to Divisoria! hahaha

  8. Greta place to shop. The gold jewels are beautiful.

    Gold prices have come down from the last week.

  9. A very interesting market, but a lot of people, OMG I think i get scared sometimes in places like that, as in India too and of course our Divisoria. That's why i very seldom go there, even if the prices are really low. The photos are always beautiful, and i think this is the first time i see you in photo, yet i still don't know if your the rightmost or the one in black, LOL.

  10. That was so much fun joining you on your Bangladesh journeys! Really loved seeing the jewelry and of course fabric shops! So very rich in colors!

  11. i love gold ;-) and never thought bangladsh has bad silver jewelries

  12. Those jewelery shots are too good! Wonderful designs on them I too don't prefer gold much.
    Nice pic of you with your friend.

  13. I like the first picture of the market! Glad you met your friend!

  14. What a great shopping place. Must have been a wonderful tour!

  15. Wowowowowow at all that gold jewelry! Definitely not for everyday use, but yeah, I'd love to have a few pieces with designs just as ornate. But I think I'd go ga-ga more over those fabrics. Just gorgeous!

    Hmmm, pastillas de leche with spices. Sounds good to me. I wonder what spices, though. I know a pastillas maker-vendor who'd be willing to try making it.

  16. A fine post of interesting pictures and information. I like the fabrics and the jewelry. I would like to try the sweets myself! :-)

  17. Gorgeous jewelry! Great fabric shots too. And I love the top shot with all those rickshaws.

  18. Nasilaw ako! :) bonggels, dami mong nai-shopping na jewelry!

  19. I think your best gifts are your pictures, Maria!!! What a fabulous trip with your show-n-tell!

  20. Oh, the jewelry!! ( please excuse me while I pick my jaw from the floor!)

    Lovely photos, Maria!

  21. I love all the gold jewelry. The man is not shy and nice of him to want to have his photo taken. It's wonderful to meet blogger friends!

  22. I am enchanted and fascinated with this great post. You took just stunning pictures!
    Love your hand done with henna.
    Thanks for sharing your voyage with us. :)

  23. So blessed of you to have a long trip to Bangladesh. There are many Bangladeshis here in Saudi and I didn't know that their country is very interesting. Thanks for posting all the pics.

    I like the fabrics there. Did you buy some?

  24. it's always nice to meet a fellow blogger, charming photo indeed. ^0^

    all that gold is making my chinky eyes go big.
    wow! who doesn't love those?! ^0^
    and those beautiful fabrics!
    which i think would be quite expensive, just look at those details.

    the personalized henna was fantastic! ^0^


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