Roatan on Day 5

On Day 5 (of 7) we docked in Coxen Hole in the Honduran island of Roatan, the biggest of the three Bay Islands. Being so close to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef - the largest in the Caribbean - and the second largest in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the island is popular to scuba diving and snorkeling and other water activities.

However, we only had one thing in mind - to sightsee.

As we disembark for the day, we found (with some help of barkers) our way towards the kiosks offering tour around the island. I don't particularly remember how much the tour cost, but it was affordable.

The van filled quickly, there were the four of us, a couple from Alabama, a tandem of dudes from New Orleans. When we signed up, we specifically told the "operator" what places we wanted to see.

The readings I"ve done prior to the cruise led me to a small fishing village, near the Eastern end. While we saw a few fishing boats, there wasn't any fishing activity going on. Instead we saw a lot of children, who I believe are used to seeing vanload of people descend upon their quiet little corner of the island.

The children are warm and friendly. Their smiles are genuine and they don't require a lot of coaxing to pose for the camera, even on a jump shot. I was enamored by their innocent faces and charming smiles.

When we were done "sightseeing" we left, but asked our guide to take us to a grocery store where we could get candies for the kids. Not too far we were able to find a shopping center. We shopped for some candies for the kids and beer for us. Then we drove back to the village and hand it to them, except that on the drive back the rain started to pour, really hard, and it was still raining when we got to the place. Understandly all the kids went back to their own homes, but our guide found a few of them playing on the dirt floor under one's home. Then more kids appeared despite the rain, and they were thankful for the little gift we brought.

11_29_2012 fx roatan 002
First sight of Roatan.

11_29_2012 fx roatan 004
On the other side.

11_29_2012 lx roatan 003

11_29_2012 lx roatan 002
Posing with the local dancers welcoming cruise ship visitors.

11_29_2012 lx roatan 092
The performers/dancers.

11_29_2012 fx roatan 013
Through the middle arch is where the tour vans are located.

11_29_2012 px roatan 096
Fishing boat

We met these smiling faces, the future of Roatan. I could photograph them all day long.

11_29_2012 px roatan 069

11_29_2012 fx roatan 027

11_29_2012 px roatan 065

11_29_2012 px roatan 073

11_29_2012 px roatan 075

11_29_2012 px roatan 063

11_29_2012 px roatan 079

Then there's this little girl who didn't join the group, but was more interested in what she was doing and eating.

11_29_2012 px roatan 053

11_29_2012 px roatan 054

11_29_2012 px roatan 056

11_29_2012 px roatan 058


SIGNS be continued...............


  1. Those are beautiful children, but of course our standard of beatiful means those of Latin Americans. Those are very colorful shirts and yes good to take photos. Thanks for the tour. ...and i browsed on the earlier posts, i think I saw you and husband!

  2. Adorable children, indeed, Maria. I can see why you were mesmerized by them.

  3. All great shots. I love the ones of the children in particular.

  4. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Wonderfull shots this children, bestregard from Belgium

  6. You should write a travel book, you have wonderful experiences and captures!

  7. I'm popping back to answer your question. The lake is less than a mile from my house and there is a trail less that 1/2 mile from my house that leads to it.

  8. A fine series taking us along on your trip. I like the pictures of the kids very much. Some fine expressions in that group.

  9. You have captured the spirits of these children. Wonderful job.

  10. What a beautiful place. Kids are certainly special, I love photographing my grandchildren.

  11. Reminds me of how easy as well it is to get kids back in the Philippines to pose in front of the camera.

  12. Lovely place and happy happy pics (the kids)

  13. Those kids must have put as big of a smile on your face as they had on theirs. Beautiful.

  14. Your portret photo's are great, well done.

  15. Love all those photos, especially of the kids. So candid and beautiful!

  16. I love the photos you took of the kids!

  17. Beautiful series, as always!


  18. Wonderful gathering of happy young faces. Great to see. And love the views of the area.

  19. great photos and i love all the portraits of the kids!

  20. I love the kids portraits!

  21. Oh lovely -- glad I scrolled back, now I don't have to look up Roatan! We've been in Honduras, but I forgot about those islands (getting old I guess).

    Your portraits are just fabulous.


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