Finally, Cozumel

Cozumel was the last port of call of the Caribbean cruise. And as you may have known, we didn't spend our allotted time here, but in Tulum.

Nothing against this beautiful city, but we were more interested in seeing the ruins. However, I have every intentions to make a return visit here someday.

The ship arrived early and docked while we were eating breakfast.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 008
The US Coast Guard was docked in Cozumel too.

We walked some length to get to the local ferry where we would take the ferry to Playa Del Carmen enroute to Tulum. Along the way, I was photographing everything that interested me.

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 002

11_30_2012 px cozumel 048

11_30_2012 px cozumel 029

11_30_2012 px cozumel 019

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 021
The entrance to the ferry terminal. We learned we just missed the ferry by a few minutes and would have to wait an hour for the next one. Across from the terminal are stores and restaurants, we decided to walk around for a look-see.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 019

11_30_2012 px cozumel 034

11_30_2012 px cozumel 033

11_30_2012 px cozumel 039

11_30_2012 px cozumel 046

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 037

11_30_2012 px cozumel 022
Cozumel is a beautiful city. There's plenty to do and see. I hope someday I find myself enjoying these sights again.



  1. It is simply lovely to see Cozumel through your pictures. I hope you go back there soon to fully explore its sights.

    The first time I heard about Cozumel was through an episode of the Amazing Race.

  2. Love your pics and such memories!! I, too, stopped in Cozumel while taking a cruise several years ago and I loved it! Great captures thanks for sharing the fun!!!

  3. Wonderful scenes from Cozumel. Too bad the ships do not stay longer in the ports. It seems you never have enough time to see each place. On our trip my son and I took a glass bottom boat ride and hubby went snorkeling. Thanks for sharing your visit, have a happy week!

  4. Those huge boots and guns are fun! Glad you took a photo of the guy in them—the previous photo got me baffled.

    Thanks for the lovely, though quick, tour.

  5. what excellent photos of your wonderful trip ~ beautiful ~ thanks, carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. What a great cruise! And look at the lovely water and blue skies.

  7. Lovely subjects to shoot, i smiled at the rows of sandals. I would like also to walk on that beach at the horizon in the last photo.

    By the way, when our plane was leaving Istanbul for Antalya, the US president's plane "Air Force One" was there, I had some shots but not very nice as we are already taxying.

  8. Cozumel does indeed look very colorful and beautiful!

  9. It seems like an interesting place to visit. I suppose one advantage of cruising is that you see so many different places in a short space of time.

  10. I love waterfront pics and yours are wonderful.

  11. Pretty shots! You really captured the local flavor... I visited Playa del Carmen last year, and really loved Tulum.

  12. That's a lot of beautiful color! Love the big boots!

  13. I like all the images, Maria! A nice trip indeed!

  14. Wow, I loved to see Cozumel♡♡♡
    The picture with gig boots gave me a little smie♪

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  15. A lot of colors! Cozumel is a fun fun place. I especially like the shot of the man with megaphones and Tuesday behind him.


  16. How pretty and the water is gorgeous. I would had to taken home a pair of those sandals and a colorful shawl or two.

    Visiting from "Oh the Places I've Been."

  17. You got some great colorful pictures...I for one am glad you missed your ferry!

  18. The grayness of the clouds on the first pic is so captivating! well done.

    Missing that earlier ferry and taking another one an hour later really is a bummer given how limited port time is. You do need to return to Cozumel again.


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