Camp 4 1/2 cabin

Two nights and days in this beautiful isolated cabin with friends!!!!

We are so lucky to find people who like the same things we like and this couple (with their 2 kids) share our love for nature and like us they long for the times when they can get away from the monotony of daily working stiff schedules.

When you're in a cabin miles and miles away from nowhere you must really love the peace and quiet, otherwise you will not survive (kidding).

This is the same cabin we rented when we took the extended family 4-5 years ago. It used to be the forest ranger's cabin. There was another forest ranger's cabin across it, but on this trip that one no longer stand.

The cabin has all the amenities I want when I'm roughing it - electricity, running water, flush toilet, airconditioning, gas stove, refrigerator, bbq grill. It does not have television nor cell phone coverage.

In addition, the cabin provides a large collection of board games and card games for entertainment for those long dark nights.

During the day we spend it on or near the river. The river is the main attraction here for me. This river not only has lots of river rocks so large that you can perch on them, but also has a wide enough sandy bank that doubles as a beach area. We fill the ice box with necessities - snacks and drinks - and load sunblock, towels, etc in a bag and walk a few yards to the river. Kings River is across the pebbled road from the cabin.

One day after a late breakfast our friend went for her daily run. We followed her out of the cabin sometime later and we all went for a walk on the only path/dirt road in and out of this place. There is a campsite further in but on both times I stayed here we didn't hike far enough to reach it.

On both times the summer heat was so brutal that we couldn't walk any further. That is why we spend most of the daylight hours in the water. When twilight came the breeze became balmy which made my friends' nostalgic for their tropical homeland.

Now for the photos from this camping or cabining trip:

The enthusiasm of a child - priceless.

Since the cabin was a ranger's station before we have to raise the flag in the morning and take it down by sunset.

This houses the generator that supply power to the cabin.

We walked under the scorching summer heat.

No one else there but us. We see hunters drive through in the am, and back out in the pm.

The Kings River and the blue sky.

Skywatching while soaking.

Father and son moment, love it.

A new addition to the river.

Inspired to create..

This masterpiece.

Little boy needs nourishment.

Not used to sleeping long hours, I woke up before anyone one day and was reluctant to get off bed but didn't want to go back to sleep either. So I just looked out the window and was entertained by a couple of squirrels a few yards from the bedroom window.

Even the squirrel enjoys the watermelon.

Inside the cabin playing card game after breakfast.

More photos from the cabin trip here.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place for a getaway!

  2. What fun! I would love to be there.

  3. What a lovely adventure! Your pictures are glorious, and just the bright spot needed on a rainy afternoon...:)

  4. If i am in the US a few hours distant from yours, i am definitely joining everywhere you go. I already know what you like, and i like all of them, haha!

  5. Looks a nice place. Enjoy your stay.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  6. Wonderful shots. Looks like so much fun. The children's joy is infectious.

    Thanks for your visit and for asking me how today's weather is. In short we got freezing rain on top of the snow and today it started pouring down snowing again on top of the ice trees. I lost power a few hours last night and a few this morning and will be surprised if I don't lose it again but for now it's back on. Friday is supposed to be above freezing so should start melting then.

  7. Beautiful views…looks like you had a marvelous time.

  8. What a fun camping trip! The scenic views are lovely and the river shots are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

  9. Great sky shots for SWF and fun trip ~ thanks, ^_^

    carol and armusedog

  10. Great photos from a wonderful area of California! Looks like a blast!!

  11. camping and cabin isn't really my thing. ^0^
    but your fotos looked fun and inviting.
    just look at how the child gets so super giddy when you say camping. ^0^

  12. An enjoyable account of this camping trip in the summer time. It sounds like a great place to visit, relax and enjoy the river.

  13. Looks like a great place to have some solitude!

  14. What a beautiful place for a walk and wonderful photos to see!


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