Burano Bliss

In Burano, we were flat out flabbergasted. To say it was beautiful was an understatement. The island, or what little we saw, was a total heaven for me. The colorful houses were delightful. The little canal in the middle of town was charming. The whole town is so picturesque that we embraced our tourist status to the fullest in our very limited time. This is my favorite Venetian island of the four I've seen (Venice, Murano, Burano and Lido)

Burano is known for lacemaking and its brightly colored houses. I read that the colors of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development and if one wants to paint his house, he has to send a request to the government who will then reply with the colors allowed for use.

Floating ruins near Burano.

Are we there yet?

venice and greece 599
Priorities met.

venice and greece 602
Well dressed men.

venice and greece 611
Pink bike on peach wall.

venice and greece 604
Door shade?

venice and greece 622
Not crowded.

venice and greece 648
Blessed window.

venice and greece 617

venice and greece 624



Must be the lateness of the afternoon, but I thought the locals outnumber the tourists, especially when we reached St. Martin church and the square where the church was located was filled with school-age kids playing.


Church - view from the square.

Church from the canal view, with leaning tower.



The non-touristy area.

venice and greece 722
One last shot of Burano from the water bus as we sailed away.

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  1. You know, the pink bike really got my attention. I want it!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous! I fell in love with Burano too.

  3. Beautiful! Favourite shots: #5 and last one.

  4. What a great tour! I love all the colorful buildings.. And the neat bike.. Great post, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  5. great tour - i love that pink bike!
    thanks for sharing :-)

  6. So lovely! The houses are painted such beautiful colours. I like the fact you could enjoy your tour without big crowds. Happy SWF!

  7. It looks like photographers heaven! Really beautiful and picturesque.

  8. Fantastic shots of the sky, water and wonderful colorful buildings.

    Glad you have had a good April, it's been nice here too.

  9. well i have to say I love the colours of the houses - so bright and cheery :-)

  10. Wow, such a beautiful place. The colors really work.

  11. Beautiful colors.
    Very nice photos.

  12. Wow! There is so much crowd. When I was there it was very peaceful with very few tourists! Did you buy lace?

  13. We were in Burano late afternoon to evening, for just a couple of hours, Maria, and had to work fast to get everything in. But...I will NEVER forget that place! It is one of my most favorite spots on earth. WOW. I'm glad you got to see it.

  14. just sheer beauty of this quaint city, i love small scale places,
    Id make sure to mark this on my must-visit list,
    lucky for you guys, not so crowded means more photo sightings.
    and like you, the bike foto is for keeps.
    i'm always attracted to it,

  15. Interesting shots of the place. Very colorful.

  16. So nice. The colored houses of Burano are unforgettable, indeed!

  17. Stunning, wonderful pictures! Just a great tour! Bravo!

  18. The colors are stunning, almost beyond belief. Thanks for sharing, this is a lovely look at a place I'd never even heard about.

  19. Look at those colorful houses. Indeed as you said is a delight.

  20. Pretty interesting place, love the colorful houses too

  21. that is a really colorful place. It is gorgeous :)

  22. That's really cool. What a colorful place. I never knew about it. Thanks for sharing!


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