The city of SF hosted Superbowl 50 today. In the days prior to the big day, the city erected what is called the Superbowl City that hosted family friendly activities. Best of all it's free of charge. Moscone Center on the other hand hosted the NFL Experience, fee to enter.

I don't follow football, American football, neither do I understand the game. I can understand a little bit of the game, but I don't really find it interesting. Thus, I planned on skipping anything connected with the Superbowl. However, my husband wanted to peek and see what's going on in the city. So after I completed all my errands on Saturday, we decided to go and see what's this all about.

Since we knew that there is no way we would get there by car, we took the subway, or what we call around here BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). While waiting at the platform for the train to arrive, an announcement was made that the Superbowl City had reached its maximum capacity and is no longer letting people in. Well, we expected that. It was the night of the free Alicia Keys concert, plus it was a Saturday. We still went.

We encountered so many people on the streets of San Francisco. The only other time I remember seeing this much people in the sidewalks was during the first San Francisco Giants victory parade in 2010. We walked around the Superbowl city, getting squeezed by so many people, but managed to take a few photos. I used my phone so they are not up to par. I must replace my phone soon, because the photo quality is not to my liking.










Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and their many fans.



  1. Yes, there is a bigger grocery store (although I will likely still shop off compound for best prices on local produce), hospital, movie theater, library etc. It is like a small town and we can dress normally and best of all, I can drive on the compound.

    Looks like you had a good time, even if it was a bit crowded. My husband, along with many friends woke up at 2:3oam to watch the game live.

  2. Hello, I am not much of a football fan. I am glad that Denver won. San Francisco is a fun city to host the superbowl. Great photos.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. An exciting time to be in the city. Pity you didn't get into any of the events.

  4. I was born and have lived in the US for 75 years and so I guess that means that the Superbowl has been played since I was 25 ... and I still don't understand or care a hoot about Football. But it looks as if SF did itself proud and its interesting that there were all those associated events.

  5. Great pictures of the city and SB excitement!

  6. Wonderful shots of San Fran and all the hoopla ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

  7. I've been a Denver Broncos fan for nearly 50 years....originally from the Denver area -now a Texan....and I'm elated for the S B victory.

    I enjoyed your photos, and the adventure within the 'city' of special events. How fun. Even tho the entrance to many were filled to capacity.

  8. Well...the Super Bowl certainly does bring lot's of excitement to the host city! And crowds!!! I must admit that I watched everything but the Super Bowl...the hubby watched though!!!

  9. Enjoy your photos and brings back memories of when we'd go into the City when we lived in Burlingame. The Super Bowl was grand, indeed, as my Broncos won!! Wishing you well!

  10. I was surprised that they showed the Super Bowl on TV here in New Zealand. I, too, am not interested but I guess others are. I like the idea of this family-friendly event. Your photos are great.

  11. Very nice pics. I am glad you enjoyed it. I did also. I am from Hayward. Nice to have another Bay Area person here.

  12. I love the light in these shots.

  13. A fine photographic walk thru the city.

  14. Had to smile, because what one likes, someone else dislikes.
    My new neighbor works around there, and came to his -now- weekend house alreadt on Friday, because at his job all kind of security and FBI were prepping for the game - they expected "something." He told hubby - "It's no place to be there now."

  15. You captured some great light on your walk around the city. I'm not into football (soccer) either - too much hype.


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