Casablanca Part 3

We were given a long time to explore Casablanca. We docked at 8 am and 11 pm was departure time giving cruisers opportunity to see both Casablanca and Rabat. We chose to do only Casablanca. We toyed with the idea of hitting both cities, but in the end we chose to do just Casablanca, because we have Morocco still high on our bucket list.

I am the worst travel guide ever. It is not the intent of this blog to guide the reader in their travel plans. The purpose of this blog is to share with you what I saw and experienced on my travels. Saying that, Mohammad took us to a spot where the government buildings are located. Across from it is a huge square, which at that time was full of people - locals I surmised.






Hunger set in and we asked Mohammad to take us where the locals eat. We like to eat at road side eateries knowing that it's quite not safe. We are adventurous that way. Also we have not gotten sick yet eating what locals eat.

Instead he took us to a restaurant that has a rating by Trip Advisor, yikes. Hey, I consult Trip Advisor for tips all the time, but at this time we wanted to eat somewhere where tourists don't eat. I was a bit disappointed by the choice. However, the restaurant's interior was replete with Moroccan culture. We were the only customers when we got inside, but diners piled in soon after.

Just look at the decor inside the restaurant.

Outside decor.

2014_10_5 140

2014_10_5 145

2014_10_5 151

We had a tagine of course.

Flavorful, my disappointment with Mohammad's choice dissipated.


Once the meal was over we met up with Mohammad again. We wanted to go see a wet market. Luck was on our side because a short distance away was a wet market. Naturally we were given curious looks by people, probably this market does not get many tourists. We saw many varieties of fish and they were so fresh.

If you have done research on Casablanca you know that one of the must stops is the Old Medina, a bustling bazaar. At that time we said no, we were not keen on shopping. Although on hindsight, I should have said yes, so that I could photograph the colorful items for sale. However, this was after we have been doing our shopping in a cooperative type of store. The store carried everything that the bazaar carried, I'm sure, except that this one has that seal of gov't approval and you can rest that all you purchase here are made in Morocco. We picked up a few items (miniature tagine, among others).

Guarding the store was this grumpy kitty. He has his own bowl of water and food nearby, but was very vocal about people coming and going.

Intimidating isn't he? The husband tried to pet him. Tried is the operative term.

A very interesting find while we were driving was L'Eglise du Sacre-Coeur


2014_10_5 127

2014_10_5 128
The church was empty, just a shell of concrete. At that time there were people working inside. There were lots of pigeon droppings on the floor of the church and it appeared to be abandoned.



  1. What wonderful shots.

  2. Casablanca looks a fascinating city. Another one to put on the list.

  3. Wonderful tour and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. You had a wonderful adventure! Thank you for sharing it! Wishing you well!

  5. Beautiful and I'm glad you got fed well ... Your guide probably gets a gratuity when he brings tourists to that restaurant as he would not at a roadside stand. I am not surprised that you found a pretty kitty.

  6. Sad to think that the church you've photographed has been allowed to decline. It's a beautiful place inside.
    All of your photos are gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing at

  7. What an adventure and fantastic photos ~ nice touch with the sweet? cat ~ ^_^

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  8. I love the interior of that restaurant! Tiles make me very happy ;0) At least, the food was decent. And, I am glad you guys decided to try a local specialty. Some people do not want to spend extra money when they go in cruises and limit themselves to the included food.

  9. Very nice post and great photos!

  10. Enjoyed reading your post. The pics are great.

  11. this looks very clean and well taken cared of. Not as I remember Morocco. Glad to see it.

  12. Hi! There are many white houses in Casablanca same as the city's name. I do not know What is the meaning of The pentagram in your second photo..

  13. This is a beautiful place.

  14. The cathedral is stunning in its simplicity - even if it is abandoned it has a beauty about it. I have never been to Morocco and would love to. I love Moroccan cuisine and style. You have some lovely photographs of the architecture and clearly made the most of your day there.

  15. magnifiques ces photos de casablanca. J'aime beaucoup

  16. magnifiques ces photos de casablanca. J'aime beaucoup

  17. I also like to get down and dirty when eating while traveling but thankfully, Mohammad was able to satisfy your taste buds with his choice. :)


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