Cancun: A Lazy Blue Morning

A vacation in Cancun can only mean one thing - beach time. And while anytime is perfect beach time, nothing beats the after breakfast session on the beach. Bring your fruit juice or water or even coffee and grab a beach chair and inhale and exhale. You'll find the beachbums still not up so you pretty much have some peace and quiet. Pure bliss.

2016 05 21_canonpws_8757

2016 05 21_canonpws_8759

2016 05 21_canonpws_8761

2016 05 21_canonpws_8764

2016 05 21_canonpws_8765

2016 05 21_canonpws_8763

We were in Florida for a week last week visiting theme parks and the beach and partaking of awesome Latin foods (Venezuelan arepas and Puerto Rican pernil and mofongo) but both the hubs and I got home sick due to the weather change.

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  1. In my opinion there is nothing better than pure white sand and tropical blue water. Yes, pure bliss!! Great post.

  2. Absolutely lovely - I'm ready to go!

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous photos of the beach! I would love to be there...

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    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.

  4. The Cancun beach looks perfect. I bet it was hot and humid in Florida -- better come in December next time ;>) . (We're in Oregon now, where it is hot and dry).


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