I Went To Disneyworld (part 4) and Watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade

The daytime Festival of Fantasy Parade is a must see attraction in Disney World. Thousands line the parade route to see the colorful pageantry and see their beloved Disney characters in the flesh. When we were there the parade was slated at 3 pm and the day was one of those typical Florida summer day, 90+ degree F and 80+% humidity. Brutal conditions and yet I stayed under the sun as much as I could. I felt faint a couple of times so I had to go under whatever shade I could find and just watch the parade from afar. Keeping hydrated is not enough sometimes.

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2016 08 11_canonpws_9524


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  1. A beautiful series of parade shots. Amazing variety.

  2. So lovely, so colorful! And lots of joy for everyone! Have a good weekend!

  3. Yes, as somebody who lives and has an active lifestyle in a very hot and humid summer environment, sometimes hydration alone is not enough. That said, I think that I would like Disney World if I could just go there and take photographs and not do rides. I hate rides and waiting in line for rides, but if I could just roam around and take photos that would be great. Yours are wonderful.

  4. It is fun at Disney Land. Great shots.

  5. My granddaughter would love it!! Not sure I am willing to take her there... I'm not a fan of crowds and lines, but we will see. Those sure are beautiful skies!!

  6. How colourful - and what fun!

  7. Enchanting for children of all ages. But I would NOT have done well in that kind of heat and humidity, I'm afraid. :(

  8. Wow! Very fantastic! I enjoyed your photos very much. There are Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney sea in our country. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Just great photos and video!

    Have a Wonderful and Happy 2017!

    PS: Wishing you a nice trip to Lisbon. I would love to visit Portugal.

  10. Cool shots. It must have been fun at Disney World!

  11. this is almost "over the top" but of course, at Disney land it has to be. Very colorful. :)

  12. Thanks for sharing i might not be able to go there anymore!

  13. such a magical place! I always love to visit Disney World..wherever it is..

  14. You had fun in spite of the heat and the rainstorm (that is typical summer weather in Florida).... winter is the best season to be here.

  15. Great series of photos. Thanks for sharing

  16. When we visited Disney World with our children in 2008 we got to be the family that rode in the parade. My son was 13 and daughter 10, but I felt like he would be too old to appreciate the experience. Boy, was I wrong! He absolutely loved it and even cried tears of excitement watching the night time Electric Light Parade.


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