Happy Fourth of July

Richmond is a city in the East Bay and every year they conduct a fireworks display by the waterfront on the eve of July 4th. What I didn't know was that there was also a concert by the Oakland Symphony before and after the fireworks. My husband has been wanting to go for years and it seemed like there's always something else we've said yes to on this date that we never really gotten a chance to go see the fireworks.

This year though we decided to go. Although late and the concert was starting, the Craneway Pavilion where the concert was being held was full, I still found that I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the wonderful music. It helped that they played from the Star Wars soundtrack. When they played the Sound of Music soundtrack, it became a big sing-along with the orchestra. How delightful these music sound coming from accomplished musicians.

In the intermission, we went outside to the waterfront and waited for the fireworks show. It was very cold, windy, and some more cold. We shouldered through the cold and were rewarded with the some beautiful display of fireworks.



Happy Fourth of July everyone in the States. I better go downstairs. My friends started arriving for the bbq.



  1. Hope you are having a good holiday!

  2. Wow, I went to my very first 4th of July yesterday in Redwood City (not so far from you) and loved it so much! I'm loving the firework video as well. #OurWorldTuesday

  3. nice! hope you both enjoyed your night :-)


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