Morocco: Ouarzazate (Kasbah de Taourirt), part 2

The Kasbah de Taourirt (kasbah is fortress in Arabic)was part of the village and also a stop in the tour. The kasbah is a very impressive structure. It was a very important structure in the 1930s when by the El Glaoui clan controlled the major southern caravan routes to West Africa.

The kasbah is being restored with the assistance of UNESCO and parts of it can be explored. Still visible are ornate architectural elements so typical of Moroccan designs. One thing noteworthy was that most of their doorways are low. I stand under 5 ft and I'm the only one who doesn't need to stoop to get through.

The palace was built in the 19th century, contains about 300 rooms including an area where a harem resided. We visited a reception room and dining room.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3478
Let's go in.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3480
Inside is a large square. Local artists display their works in the square and also in the second floor corridor and room.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3482
The square from the second floor of the palace.

2017 04 19_canoneos_6035
Beautiful architecture.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3535
Looking up

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3493\
Room with the paintings

2017 04 19_canoneos_6016
The windows are very low.

2017 04 19_canoneos_6010

2017 04 19_canoneos_6011
View from across the kasbah.

2017 04 19_canoneos_6028
View of the square.

Beautiful architectural details.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3510
Above the window.

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3513

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3516

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3517

2017 04 19_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3519
A little gathering in the square before boarding the bus.

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  1. Beautiful images from your travels to Morocco. Lovely post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Incredibly ornate and beautiful! Just thinking about the time and labor required boggles the mind.

  3. Beautiful! Wonderful photos too!

    A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Great tour of the place. Beautiful.

  5. Wow! I love the ornate ironwork. It's interesting how there's a bit of color among all the neutral shades. What a great collection of photos!

  6. That is an amazing place.


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