A Weekend in Alpine Meadows, 2017 version, part 2

Many of us from the Bay Area, casual visitors to Lake Tahoe area, only know the south side. You know where the casinos are located. There are casinos in the north side too, but only a few and not the main reason why people visit. The north side is mostly for the avid skiers.

Immediately after the walk around the area, we got in the car and decided to show our friends the sights. Two choices, Truckee or Tahoe City. Last year when we were here, the husband and I opted to spend time in Truckee. This year with little kids in tow, we chose Tahoe City (one of the charming resort towns around the lake) instead. We thought it would be more kid friendly.

As we were driving towards our destination, our friends noted that they have never been here before. She in particular was very surprised that there's something beyond the South side.

In Tahoe City, we went to stroll the waterfront. We ended up by the grassy area by the beach where the kids enjoyed skipping stones. We sat under the sun, but soon the sun started to burn our skin and we hid under the almost leafless tree.

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2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 097

When the kids got hungry we picked Rosie's Cafe, mainly because our friend Rosie was with us.

The rest of the afternoon after a short drive through Squaw Valley, the kids played board games while the adults went about getting dinner ready.

The following day was Sunday, it was also the day we go back home. On the way home, we stopped by Donner Lake, because the day was so beautiful and the lake was begging us to stop for a look-see.

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The weather was so pleasant last weekend when we were there. This weekend, they are expecting some snow.

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  1. I love that you are showing us what you (and they) saw because it's like we got to go with you. I haven't been there either, so now I've seen a new place, not far from you. :)

  2. Amazingly beautiful blue skies and water.

  3. I absolutely love the views you are showing us. It's so pretty.

  4. Very beautiful and scenic place.

  5. I've only been up to the Tahoe area a couple times to go skiing, many years ago. I think I'm overdue for a visit!!

  6. Spectacular photos. I know what side of the lake I plan on going to if I ever make it back to the area.

  7. wonderful atea, love the lake and mountains around it.

  8. More beautiful scenes from this amazing area.


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