Morocco: Casablanca, part 2

The last spot we have to visit in this incredible 12-day trip all over Morocco was the Hassan II Mosque, which I believe is the centerpiece of Casablanca's tourism industry. Some of you may remember that back in 2014, we have visited the mosque when the cruise ship docked in Casablanca for a day. Here is the post from 2014.

On this visit, a couple things are different. First, we came in the early afternoon, where we found the place packed with people. Second, the cats that I enjoyed photographing were nowhere in sight. No other cats to be seen either. Possibly due to the many people around.

Four of us decided to sign up for a group tour of the interiors, while the rest of us were content to enjoy the sun and the sights outside.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2832

2017 04 22_canoneos_5539

2017 04 22_canoneos_5541

2017 04 22_canoneos_5540

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2849

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2855

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2852

As we were driving to and from the hotel, I was able to capture these scenes.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2828
I like this building, I wonder what it was.

2017 04 22_canoneos_5545
Interesting mural on the side of the building.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2874
This is a lousy shot I know, but I took it when I spotted the murals. This photo is my post-it note as a reminder that should I come this way again, I would have to check this wall of murals.

After the visit to the mosque, we had a couple of hours to ourselves. Others chose to do some shopping, while the husband and I opted to stay in the hotel to rest and get everything ready for the next leg of this trip - a few days in Lisbon.

Everyone was excited when we congregated at the hotel lobby. It seemed that everybody was looking forward to the Farewell Dinner. The dinner was at a restaurant in seaside resort. The 3-course menu was presented to us in advance and we made our choices so there was no surprise regarding dinner.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2880
My appetizer - eggplant napoleon.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2883
Fish for entree.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2884
Tiramisu for dessert.

2017 04 22_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2876
Aside from the two ladies on the front right, this is the group that we hang around with for meals and other stuff throughout the trip. We missed them terribly.

This is what I wrote in my journal at the end of that day: Back in the hotel, our group loitered in the lobby, seemingly unwilling to admit this incredible trip is over and our time together and all the fun we have together is also over. Before we parted ways, Stephanie gave me a pill - an Immodium - left-over from her stock.

What is funny is months later I found the pill still in my purse.

This is such a mind-blowing trip for the hubs and I. We have so many fond memories.

Here ends the Morocco series.

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  1. Sorry to see the Morocco posts are ending!! I've enjoyed seeing your images and reliving our trip. Although the sites visited did not completely overlap, I'm sure we all enjoyed the wonderful cuisine; your farewell dinner looked delicious...

  2. The mosque looks incredible! Kind of bittersweet when a wonderful trip must end.

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Morocco is on my bucket list. The dinner too looks amazing.

  4. Wow - what gorgeous architecture!

  5. Hello, the mosque is beautiful. I like the mural too. What a fun trip! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Beautiful architecture and photos. An Immodium is a good thing to carry along, you never know when you may need it. :-)

  7. Amazing murals you found there among the many fantastic sights. Thank you for sharing. I saw the tag "Last Week on Instagram" and I thought,
    "I didn't even know she was on Instagram and she's leaving!!" I've known several people who have found Instagram to be quite a bother and quit after a while and so I went running over there and no, you are not quitting. So I am no following you there. (No expectation that you will follow me back. You are welcome to of course if you choose to do so.)

  8. What a place filled with beauty and lovely photography that you have taken ~

    Happy Weekend,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. What beautiful photos showing a beautiful part of the world.

  10. That's a beautiful city with some great architecture!

  11. Beautiful captures and interesting narration!

  12. Great to read your post. Amazing architecture, murals. Loved all pics.

  13. What an amazing place - that must have been quite the trip.

  14. I've enjoyed your whole trip very much. Mind blowing seems to be a great way to describe this exotic location. Thanks for taking us along!

  15. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. I want to go Morocco in some future. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wow! What mosaic works ~ great photos ~ delish foodie photos too!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. What a beautiful country! On my bucket list of places to go!

  18. I did not see this one as I was not in Casablancka. :)


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