Road trip to Yellowstone: (From Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole)

It has been a long-time dream of ours to visit Yellowstone NP in Wyoming. We've been talking about it year in and year out, yet we have not visited yet. Finally, this year, after the Hawaii trip (which I have yet to blog about, btw) the possibility of Yellowstone as a long weekend destination arose again. This time we thought, why the heck not do it so we could finally stop talking about it. I'm pretty sure our friends are tired of hearing about us wanting to see Yellowstone.

To cut cost, we flew in to Salt Lake City, Utah and drove about 5 hours to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. We left SFO at about 6 am and arrived an hour later. After getting the rental car, we drove to get breakfast and supplies (water, snacks, etc). We had a spectacularly scenic drive through Utah, Idaho and finally Wyoming.

The five hours went by quickly, as I absorbed the passing scenery with much gusto. I love long car rides - to me they are therapeutic.

We left Thursday, Oct 4 and returned Sunday, Oct 7.

This is the beginning of a beautiful adventure:

2018 10 04_canoneos_4129

2018 10 04_canoneos_4131

2018 10 04_canoneos_4136

2018 10 04_canoneos_4138

2018 10 04_canoneos_4142

2018 10 04_canoneos_4143

2018 10 04_canoneos_4146

2018 10 04_canoneos_4149

2018 10 04_canoneos_4153

2018 10 04_canoneos_4159

2018 10 04_canoneos_4161

2018 10 04_canoneos_4163

2018 10 04_canoneos_4167

2018 10 04_canoneos_4180

2018 10 04_canoneos_4183

2018 10 04_canoneos_4188

2018 10 04_canoneos_4192

2018 10 04_canoneos_4205

2018 10 04_canoneos_4207

2018 10 04_canoneos_4209

2018 10 04_canoneos_4211

I know I posted a lot of images here. Well, I had 5 hours to do drive-by shooting, can you blame me? The only delay we had was when the cattle decided to block the highway. We didn't get mad, we were amused.



  1. Great. Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  2. Hello, wonderful road trip. I have done the same from the Salt Lake airport to the Tetons. Beautiful views and countryside. Love the bison. Enjoy your day, have a great week ahead.

  3. I love those wide open spaces and huge skies. Something I don't see here in London.

  4. What amazing scenery along your way. Big sky, rolling clouds and hills and colorful leaves … even cattle to add to an already interesting drive that day.

  5. Marvelous photos of your trip in the West ~ gorgeous!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. It is again time to be feeling envious, you always do that with me. That is maybe one reason i stopped for sometime in coming over, hahaha! The photos are super beautiful and i can imagine them all the way. So thanks much for the tour, as i wont be able to do that in person!

  7. Lovely colours and what a fabulous sky!

  8. Great documented trip. Beautiful landscape shots. I like it.

  9. Absolutely stunning. That sky! And the colors of the trees. Just beautiful. I honestly felt like I was breathing fresher air while I was scrolling through!


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