Fourth of July Holiday

I usually stay home on 4th of July holiday. Typically, it pays to just stay home because it's a one-day holiday and going away does not make sense. This year, however, many have taken a 4-day holiday. We stayed home due to some commitments we made previously.

There's stuff to do around here. The nearby city holds the pyrotechnics display each year on July 3rd. We found a better spot to watch the fireworks without paying for parking, or walking 10 blocks to the waterfront to see the fireworks. I only used my phone to take photos.

I think whoever was firing the fireworks was sending it up there one after another without a little pause, so the sky was full of smoke from the previous firework when the next one was exploding. I don't mind, but it was raised by one of my friends so I'm relating it here.

On Independence Day, we were invited to a lunch at a Thai/Lao restaurant. And we had the following:

I had a wonderful papaya salad.

One had the shrimp meal.

Another had the curried noodle.

Still another had the tilapia meal.

Later in the evening, we were bbq-ing at a friend's house. More food.

The Fillmore Jazz Festival happens every 4th of July weekend in Fillmore Street in San Francisco. We went on Saturday and enjoyed an afternoon filled with jazz and spontaneous dancing in the street. There were three stages along the over ten blocks of Fillmore. We watched the Wiley's Coyotes, a reggae jazz band, perform from 2 to 3:30 on Eddy stage. Afterwards we enjoyed the Ray Obiedo group from 3:30 to 5:30 on Sutter stage. For some reason I have trouble uploading video clips straight from Google photos, so only still shots today.

It was a fun 4th of July holiday for me.



  1. Who needs to go away when you have so much going on in your own neighbourhood. The firework photos are amazing.

  2. Great shots of the fireworks!

  3. Looks like you had a great Independence Day celebration. Your phone camera did a great job of capturing the fireworks, and the food looks yummy.
    My post features a hike at Mount Rainier Natl Park.

  4. A wonderful visual round up of the Independence Day celebrations.

  5. Nice pictures of the firework. Great pictures of the food too. Now I want some Thai food. :D

  6. I think that was a real nice celebration without going far ! The food looks delicious !

  7. Beautiful images of the fireworks and of the food!

  8. Fantastic fireworks photos, they are awesome!

  9. It looks like you did July 4th right. Fireworks, food, and music. Sign me up. We used to have a great jazz festival here in Tulsa but the sponsoring company went bankrupt so poof!! No more jazz festival.

  10. Amazing fireworks , Beautiful photos. Yummy foods.

  11. Great pictures of the fireworks! And the food is yum! Just the kind we like. We usually go to downtown Chattanooga to see the fireworks, but it was so hot this year we stayed put. Our marina does a good fireworks display too. In TN, fireworks are legal. There are huge supermarkets offering all kinds of stuff. What we learned is this - you select a package or box of a display you like, and all you need to do it light it once. It's programmed to set off one after another. The bigger package or box you buy the more elaborate the display, and more expensive. Hope that makes sense.


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