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Barcelona 2019: Side Trip to Montserrat

When you're in Barcelona, a day trip to the the mountains in Montserrat is a very fine idea. It's just a 40-minute train ride away. You can also take bus or private transportation or taxi. So, on day 2 of the trip we decided to go to the mountains and pay a visit to the Virgin of Montserrat or the Black Virgin. I was dead set on fulfilling my friend's dream of seeing/visiting as many churches as she can during this 17-day trip that included a cruise to the Canary Islands.

When we got off the train, we took the cable car to to climb up to the monastery. Each cable car can carry up to 30 people. Thankfully, there were few people going up that day so we were able to have unobstructed view of the mountains and the valley below. I was actually anxious about taking the cable car ride, because usually it can get scary. However, this experience was not scary at all. The ascent was smooth and not too fast, and yet we climbed up pretty quickly.

Once we were up there, we too…

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