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A Nature Break

I have been sharing my Egypt documentation here recently, but I felt like I needed a little nature break. This impetus was spurred by my little hike up a hill yesterday with some friends. I have not done any physical activity recently and so I was all puffing and huffing while the three companions were chatting about as they climb up the hill effortlessly. Let me also say that the little hike came after a wine drinking sort of thing at a new place we recently discovered. I was a bit tipsy (I did not drive) and I was just hoping I didn't roll down the hill while taking those very narrow trails up. Anyway, on the way, we were all commenting on how beautiful not only the bay views were from up there, but the proliferation of wild flowers as well.

And then I remembered that I had been fascinated by taking photos of flowers since spring and I've been pretty captivated by wildflowers.

Not only wildflowers, but a few berries too.

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