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Lisbon: Day Trip To Pena Palace in Sintra

From the parking lot alone, I could tell this was going to be a very crowded place. And it was. From the time we were going in, it was like one entering Disneyland. It was that crowded. In the grounds we were passed off to another tour guide who will conduct the tour of the palace with us.

It was really difficult to listen and learn about the palace because there's hardly any elbow room, and there's so much to see, I got distracted so quickly. Each group (and there's unending stream of us) explores the room while the others wait their turn, still it feels too crowded. I made the mistake of moving forward but I was told to return to my group and never leave their side.

The palace is a statement of opulence and this being Portugal, there's many opportunities to enjoy the azulejos too. This is what Wikipedia says about the Pena Palace.

The Pena Palace is worth a second visit - in the off season if possible - although this is one highly recommended sight outside …

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