Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's the Season of Eating

For my blog friends and readers residing in this great country of the USA, I trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with family time and tons of eating - oh okay, and sports too!

I had an unusual Thanksgiving Day this year. Typically, my family (siblings) do Thanksgiving separately. We all come together (all nearly 30 of us) for Christmas. However, since my nephew's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we joined them and 2 brothers at my brother's house (nephew's dad) for lunch. Afterwards, we hosted 8 of our friends for Thanksgiving Dinner, which meant I had so much turkey on Thanksgiving.

On Black Friday, my husband and I joined our friends in enjoying the wine and food at the Annual Yountville Festival of Lights. Some of the best winemakers and restaurants in the Yountville area (Napa Valley area) offered a sampling of their products. Needless to say it was a whole afternoon of sipping and nibbling. Good food and drinks and wonderful company beat shopping any day in my books.

Saturday happened to be my husband's birthday. To celebrate it, we watched the latest James Bond movie. Later in the night we did our part in the program Small Business Saturday by having dinner at a non-chain restaurant. We chose Burmese cuisine, a cuisine we don't encounter too often.

Palata with lamb stew from Burmese restaurant
We started our meal with Palata with lamb stew. Palata is the same as the Indian paratha. The lamb was well cooked, very soft and mild. We are not sure if they tweaked the spices on purpose to make the dishes milder and suitable to American palate, or those who prefers to have less spicy dishes (like me) because for the entire meal we hardly felt the heat.

Burmese noodle
It's not a birthday without noodles (in Asian families) so we had the Burmese Garlic Noodle Tofu.

Vegetable kebat from Burmese restaurant
Our vegetable dish is the Vegetable Kebat - a mix of vegetables and tofu stir fried with paprika, masala, tamarind, green chilies, mint leaves, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Catfish curry from Burmese restaurant
Catfish curry which was very satisfying - boned catfish fried and served with onion, garlic, red chili, and tomatoes in burmese style sauce. Went well with coconut rice.

For dessert we chose something else which they were out of so we got the next thing on the dessert menu that piqued our interest, coconut pudding with mango ice cream. I don't care for the pudding, which was breaded and deep fried and the ice cream was nothing to crow about.

Overall, it was a satisfying evening with the hubby. My apologies for the lackluster food images.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marseille: Murals and Such

Perhaps there is a better, more efficient way to explore this port city in Southern France, but due to time constraints, we had to rely for part of the exploration to the ever reliable Hop On Hop Off bus tour. The Mediterranean weather in October was suitable to touring the city on top of the double decker bus.

Along the route we found a few interesting murals/graffitis and a couple of animal statues.

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 685

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 615

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 608

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 606

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 604

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 515

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 490

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 521

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 668

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 540