Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Postcards from Little Venice (Mykonos)

Watching the passing sceneries around the island of Mykonos on an ATV was a lot of fun. However, the blustery conditions were getting to me. But more than that, I was more than ready to explore the Little Venice area of the island, known to be the hotspot for shopping, eating and partying. I’ve read over and over in many articles I encountered while researching Mykonos that this island is known as the party central among the other islands. Unfortunately, we did not stay long enough to find out. In addition, clubbing isn’t my thing.

Fortune smiled at us when we only circled the block before we found a parking spot for the ATV. As we walked toward the center of Little Venice we passed by many cats along the side of the path, more cats underneath tables in restaurants happily coexisting with wide-smiled tourists.

The white-washed houses are so attractive with their colorful doors and windows and not just blue like Santorini, but red and green too. Thinking out loud – why did this spot earn the title Little Venice? Is it because of the colorful doors and windows? Why?

In Little Venice, many old houses have been converted to restaurants, bars and shops. Narrow alleys tempt the sense of exploration. The area is full of romance, in my opinion. Sure it’s touristy and even though there were two cruise ships visiting that day, it wasn’t crowded as one might expect.

While Oia in Santorini is awesome and outrageously beautiful, it did not ooze with the same charming friendly vibe that Little Venice had.

While walking around and getting, we managed to photograph churches, doors and windows, people, windmills, many cats as seen from previous post. Likewise we shopped for souvenirs and mailed a postcard for home, and more importantly sat down for a snack in a nondescript spot away from the touristy location where the patrons look more like locals and backpackers than cruisers. We noshed fried smelt (the whole time knowing we’d save the rest for the cats) and stuffed peppers in tomato sauce (I love stuffed peppers!) and had a taste of the local beer. As I was in the middle of the meal, I noticed a female backpacker pacing the front of the café. She looked Filipino to me and was tempted to chat with her. But as usual my shyness took over and let the chance slide.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Cats of Mykonos

I will not claim that it was a complete surprise to find stray cats in the Greek islands that we visited. I vaguely recall reading articles about tourists being fascinated by the presence of cats everywhere. Still, when I saw them in Corfu and Santorini I thought that was the extent of my rendezvous with the friendly felines and that it could not get any better than those two experiences. Boy, was I wrong.

The hip and happening place called Little Venice is not only the "it" spot to dine, shop, party and be seen. It is also the spot to observe, befriend, pet (if you want), and photograph the cats. Although I must be quick to point out that here also, I came upon a few cats that looked sick. Again, just like before I will abstain from sharing these photos. Well, I took only a couple of photos of them anyway.

In addition to Little Venice, the beach area that we visited first in this island also had cats. We arrived just in time for their meal.


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This is for my feline-loving blogging pals.