Sunday, May 17, 2015

Venice on Day 3

You know how we started our Day 3 with an early morning visit to Rialto Market, and by the end of the day we were sailing off to the beautiful Greek islands. The remaining hours in between were busy. After visiting the market, we grabbed some breakfast, walked around taking photos and peering at store windows. We stayed in the city until the stores were open because we needed to get a SIM card for our phone. Easier said than done, btw.


venice and greece 944a

venice and greece 949a


venice and greece 956




When the phone store opened they were unable to help us with our SIM problem. We were told to try the one they have at the port. Disappointed we hurried back to the hotel in Mestre for checkout. We had ot meet our cruise buddies at the St. Lucia Station in Venice very soon. They were travelling all over Italy before cruising with us.

Lugging our heavy bags, we crossed the pedestrian only bridge at Piazzale Roma. It was really tough dragging the heavy luggage up the bridge; hence all the warnings online about how to choose one's hotel location, making sure that it's closer to transportation.

venice and greece 921
Two bags, why must I have two bags? Most only have one.

venice and greece 922
Busy station.

All smiles upon arrival.

We have a few hours before the boat leaves, so we all decided to go to the port, check-in, get out and explore the city and then have plenty of time before the boat sails. When they heard that we hauled our luggage across the bridge, they weren't too keen on expending so much energy.

venice and greece 923
That's when we availed of the porter service. He took our bags all the way to the People Mover, the elevated train, which we took to get to the port.

From the People Mover station, it was a very long walk to the boat. Why was our boat docked the farthest from the station, I would not understand. Anyhow, we spent a great deal of time with the phone store at the port as well, and still didn't get our SIM card problem resolved. So we checked in the cruise and splashed some water in our faces, then we were ready to go back out.

We did the touristy thing.

Sipped spritz in the same spot we had breakfast earlier.

Then we were ready to get back on the boat and start the Greek island cruise.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Photos From Venice (From the Vaporetto)

One of the 2 great moves we’ve done while traveling to Venice was staying in Mestre. Not only was the hotel cheaper outside of Venice and you get more bang for your buck, but I completely dug the suburbian neighborhood vibe. The other one is buying a pass for unlimited rides to both land bus and water bus or vaporetto.

I love riding the vaporetto. On all three days that we took it, we were sightseeing to the max. It’s not only a reliable means of transportation but it also served as a cultural hub. I enjoyed mingling with fellow tourists, “travelers”, backpackers (we’re all tourists you know) and locals.

I mentioned earlier that we purchased the 48-hour pass at the airport because it also covered the shuttle bus from the airport to Mestre. The pass comes in different denomination from 24 hours to a month, I think I’ve read somewhere that you can get a month’s pass, I may be wrong.

A major tip, ALWAYS scan your card before boarding the vaporetto. No one is manning the stops so you can skip scanning (which means you ride free, not good) the card if you choose. However, on our first day, an inspector randomly boarded the water bus and checked our cards to make sure we paid for the ride. A couple of tourists (dslr hanging on neck) were caught not scanning their cards before boarding had to pay E60, that’s what we heard. So be careful and always scan your cards.


Gloomy day 1.

venice and greece 220

venice and greece 262

venice and greece 281



Us on the first, lacking sleep but very content.


venice and greece 835

venice and greece 898





The Day 3 photos will be on the next post. Day 3 was when we boarded the ship for the Greek cruise out of Venice.

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