Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Went to Disneyworld (part 5) and Watched the Electrical Parade

No one goes to Disney World and not carve out a time to watch the Electrical Parade. It is after all one of the most anticipated attraction of the theme park. Despite the almost 2 hours of heavy downpour before the the parade, by parade time there was only drizzle, which made for a more magical experience.

2016 08 11_pentax_0769

2016 08 11_pentax_0766

2016 08 11_pentax_0779

2016 08 11_pentax_0805

2016 08 11_pentax_0803

2016 08 11_pentax_0762

2016 08 11_canonpws_9663

2016 08 11_canonpws_9649

2016 08 11_canonpws_9645

2016 08 11_canonpws_9640

2016 08 11_canonpws_9621

2016 08 11_canonpws_9629

After the parade was over, our husbands hightailed it to queue for a turkey leg. The turkey leg kiosk was closed due to rain and thunderstorm earlier, but had reopened soon as the rain stopped. While they went to get turkey leg, we went to try the It's A Small World ride, since the 8 year old in our company had not tried it yet.

2016 08 11_canonpws_9566

2016 08 11_canonpws_9583

2016 08 11_canonpws_9593

2016 08 11_canonpws_9603

I didn't get the typical photo production that I normally get when I go to a particular place. I suppose being in the moment got to me more than capturing the moment.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Went To Disneyworld (part 4) and Watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade

The daytime Festival of Fantasy Parade is a must see attraction in Disney World. Thousands line the parade route to see the colorful pageantry and see their beloved Disney characters in the flesh. When we were there the parade was slated at 3 pm and the day was one of those typical Florida summer day, 90+ degree F and 80+% humidity. Brutal conditions and yet I stayed under the sun as much as I could. I felt faint a couple of times so I had to go under whatever shade I could find and just watch the parade from afar. Keeping hydrated is not enough sometimes.

2016 08 11_canonpws_9496

2016 08 11_canonpws_9497

2016 08 11_canonpws_9499

2016 08 11_canonpws_9501

2016 08 11_canonpws_9502

2016 08 11_canonpws_9504

2016 08 11_canonpws_9506

2016 08 11_canonpws_9510

2016 08 11_canonpws_9511

2016 08 11_canonpws_9512

2016 08 11_canonpws_9513

2016 08 11_canonpws_9520

2016 08 11_canonpws_9522




2016 08 11_canonpws_9524


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