Sunday, April 20, 2014

Garden Blooms

My garden is a perpetual work in progress. There are days when the amount of work that needed to be done makes me want to pull out my hair instead of the weeds that seem to pop up the day after weeding, but most days the backaches and sore muscles are forgotten when I see the the flowers. I've shown you the flowers in my garden before, but spring is such a joyous season for gardeners since the flowers are all out and partying in my garden.

Here's my world lately:

2014_04_06 088
This variety of lavender grows/blooms longer than the English lavender.

2014_04_06 086
Geranium up close.

2014_04_06 082
This geranium came with the house.

2014_04_06 083
More geraniums. The former owner must have loved geraniums, the front yard is filled with them. But this one we bought particularly because hubby fell in love with geraniums too.

2014_04_06 079
Geraniums are low maintenance, hardy and have showy vibrant flowers that stay in bloom for a long time.

2014_04_06 075
Love these African Lily.

2014_04_06 070
Rose is one of my fave flowers.

2014_04_06 066
I'm not sure but I believe this is a variety of daisy.

Planting jasmine was such a good idea. The perfumed air greets us as we enter the house.

2014_04_06 065
Newest addition to the garden is the Pride of Madeira. It took us a long time to find out what this plant is called before we can buy it. Eventually we decided to buy seeds and we not only have the plant, it's blooming too, first time ever.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cancun: El Meco

As we were driven back to the resort one day we spotted not far from the resort a little Mayan pyramid. We asked the driver to stop so I could read the sign. Well what do you know? A few yards from the resort is another archeological site, and I wanted to see it. So we returned one afternoon.

There's a nominal entry fee and the tickets are very cool.

Cancun2013_LX_1 069
El Meco was once a small economically self-sufficient fishing village. While Tulum is considered the only old Mayan village with a seaside location, El Meco is pretty close to the water. Just across the road is the sea. And I'm guessing in the old days, before the construction of the paved road and the resorts the village was next to the water.

We were the only one visiting the site that hot early afternoon. It must be the wrong time to visit because the sun was so intense, but there were plenty of shady spots to cool off.

The pyramid is the centerpiece of Mayan sites we've seen, this is no exception.
Cancun2013_LX_1 078

Cancun2013_LX_1 092

The other ruins were pretty neat too.

Cancun2013_LX_1 085

Cancun2013_LX_1 082


Cancun2013_LX_1 120


Cancun2013_LX_1 129


Cancun2013_LX_1 134

It was nice having the run of hte place for a change instead of elbowing other tourists for a good shot of the pyramid.