Sunday, April 09, 2017

Things To Do On Sea Day

In the 7-day Caribbean cruise that we took, we had 2 sea days. Port days are fun, because we get to explore new places; but sea days are not boring. With these gigantic ships, like the one we took for this cruise, the Norwegian Escape, there are plenty of things to do. There are bars and lounges with live music and stand up comedy, several dining options, a waterfront promenade, spa, shopping, etc, etc, etc. Too many to enumerate here.

The husband and I and the couple we cruise with (so far 4 since 2009) love the art auctions. We enjoy learning about contemporary artists like Peter Max and masters of art like Monet, Rembrandt, etc. Occasionally, we play bingo. Although our favorite thing to do is just chill with a cold drink in our hand.

This ship has a 3-story rope course where you can zipline over the water. The husband has been egging me to try things at least once in my lifetime. The rope course? I have done a zipline once in forest of Costa Rica and that was it. That day I did not want to carpe my diem, no matter what the husband said. Thankfully, only closed toed shoes are allowed, which saved me from doing it because I did not bring any closed toed shoes on a Caribbean cruise, wink, wink.

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The timing for this cruise was perfect for Halloween party. I have packed our costumes just in case there's a party. I was not sure because I have not cruised during this time. As expected there was a huge party. Almost everyone came in costume. I was a little black kitty cat, nothing fancy. There was a late night party at the deck and a selection of the best costume. A family came as Old MacDonald and his farm animals. I believe they were the ones who won the costume contest.

2016 10 31_canonpws_1302
The Baby was very popular. Everyone seemed to have photos with him. The husband and our buddy.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A Day In Bahamas, part 4

Shopping, eating, and a little exploring near the port was part of our day in the Bahamas. I have enjoyed myself completely during this time, which was definitely quite shocking to me. I had this misconception about Bahamas being too touristy for my liking. In fact I was bracing myself for a "letdown" of a day. Sure there is no question that the town or the area around the port is geared towards the day trippers/cruisers/tourists. Sometimes that is not all bad, especially in the shopping and eating department, because there are plenty of choices for each activity.

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This guy sells fresh conch salad. Ask any local where to get the best conch salad, they would point him. We didn't get the salad from him :(.

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We spent a good amount of time shopping or browsing. The vendors are pleasant and not pushy at all. When it was time to eat, we ask the vendors where they would go, we were pointed to this spot where many small shacks set shop by the beach. The bus goes there from the port, but it was taking too long and time was really important to us, so we took a taxi. Split 4 ways it was not bad.

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2016 11 04_canonpws_1159

The husband got a conch sandwich.

I had a beautiful crab salad.

We did another visit to the grocery store before calling it a day in Nassau. Although we did not get on the boat right away, because we were busy photographing inside the port. The twilight cast a beautiful glow on Nassau.

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Ah, what a lovely memory to have. Thank you Nassau. Here's hoping to see you again someday.

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