Wednesday, September 17, 2014


On the drive back to the Bay Area as you have seen on the previous post I had plenty of time to shoot the passing scenery, the road signs and signboards and of course the road ahead. I tried to shoot at the sky too, but for the better part of the drive the sky was just gray and gloomy. Somewhere in California though I got lucky and found beautiful sky to photograph, enough for a Skywatch post.






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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Long Ride Home

Usually the ride/flight home after a trip can be a bit deflating. Gone is the excitement of looking forward to a new place and new experiences; thus one is likely to be either plain exhausted emotionally (physically too) or just sad that the vacation is over.

However, the long ride from Vegas to the San Francisco Bay Area is ..... long. Stretching the vacation time more compared to flying. Plus, I love road trips and I vowed to enjoy every single minute of the ride.

Sharing the driving chores did not materialize this time around. As we left Vegas, it was very breezy and gloomy. At some stretches of the road the wind was so strong our little hybrid was shaking. We could see in the distance what appeared to be dust storm. I was glad I didn't offer to drive the first shift.

It was a long drive, we had the dusty breezy patch, then there was drizzle and gloom and cold when we stopped for coffee, then beautiful blue skies close to home.

Here's what we saw and photographed along the road.


LAS VEGAS 2014 1077

LAS VEGAS 2014 1076

LAS VEGAS 2014 1079

LAS VEGAS 2014 1128

PicMonkey Collage

LAS VEGAS 2014 1147

LAS VEGAS 2014 1141

LAS VEGAS 2014 1138

LAS VEGAS 2014 1117

LAS VEGAS 2014 1122

LAS VEGAS 2014 1097


LAS VEGAS 2014 1107

LAS VEGAS 2014 1109

LAS VEGAS 2014 1145

LAS VEGAS 2014 1083

LAS VEGAS 2014 1173

LAS VEGAS 2014 1170


LAS VEGAS 2014 1082

LAS VEGAS 2014 1123

LAS VEGAS 2014 1127

LAS VEGAS 2014 1134

LAS VEGAS 2014 1154

LAS VEGAS 2014 1158

LAS VEGAS 2014 1159

LAS VEGAS 2014 1176
Did you feel like this post is as long as the drive from Vegas to the Bay Area was? I wouldn't blame you. I got carried away taking all those photos.