Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Xcaret Photos 4

Xcaret Photos 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here.

As engaging as the rest of the attractions in Xcaret are, I definitely recommend that you do as we did and take a break. Take a few moments to relax on the beaches throughout the park. You will certainly get tuckered down from all the water sports, cultural activities, and wildlife appreciation.

However, we did more than take a few moments. We took a lot of time sitting on the many beach chairs drinking in the natural beauty before us. We were lulled into total bliss by balmy breeze and dancing coconut trees, blue skies and aquamarine waters; we were reluctant to leave the spot to continue exploring the park.

I have fallen in love with Cancun (technically Xcaret is not in Cancun) because of views like these:

2016 05 23_canonpws_8506

2016 05 23_canonpws_8510

2016 05 23_canonpws_8514

2016 05 23_canonpws_8516

2016 05 23_canonpws_8517

2016 05 23_canonpws_8520

2016 05 23_canonpws_8539
There are many hammocks tied between coconut trees on the beach, but we never found an empty one :(

2016 05 23_canonpws_8524

2016 05 23_canonpws_8536

2016 05 23_canonpws_8533

2016 05 23_canonpws_8530

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Xcaret Photos 3

Xcaret part 1 here.
Xcaret part 2 here.

In one part of Xcaret there is a replica of a Mayan Village. This is where you can get a glimpse of the traditional way of life of the Maya. The traditional Mayan house are oval-shaped and are constructed of wood and hemp with thatched roofs. You will see people going about their everyday activities as well as artisans at work.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8546

2016 05 23_canonpws_8547

2016 05 23_canonpws_8549

2016 05 23_canonpws_8558

2016 05 23_canonpws_8560

2016 05 23_canonpws_8561

2016 05 23_canonpws_8551

2016 05 23_canonpws_8552

One of the highlights of the Mayan village is the cemetery. This is a replica of a Mexican cemetery where the tombstones are imaginative, whimsical and colorful and evokes the playful attitude Mexicans have towards death. This is one of my favorite spots in Xcaret. If it weren't too hot, I would have stayed much longer.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8641

2016 05 23_canonpws_8644

2016 05 23_canonpws_8645

2016 05 23_canonpws_8646

2016 05 23_canonpws_8647

2016 05 23_canonpws_8649

2016 05 23_canonpws_8566

2016 05 23_canonpws_8568

2016 05 23_canonpws_8569

2016 05 23_canonpws_8575

2016 05 23_canonpws_8563

2016 05 23_canonpws_8564