Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Run to the Coast When The Heatwave Hits

So the heatwave arrived in the Bay Area this past weekend. It's supposed to abate in all the region of the bay including the inland areas by Thursday.

We are not used to the heat; we can handle the fog and the chill of summer very well, but the heat? Nope. We complain, we whine, we cannot function properly.

So on Sunday, when the temp hit 102 at home, we just had to run to the coast. We loaded into the car and let it drive. The traffic was tight on the way to any beach as expected, but we managed to be patient and just drove.

Everywhere we went was packed; people crawling all over, and every available inch of earth was occupied by a car, no parking in sight. It wasn't until we were on the way home that we found a spot for a little stop and smell and cool breeze. The spot was at Gleason Beach near Bodega Bay.

The Sonoma Coast is very picturesque with dramatic rocky coastline and dramatic cliffs. I'm used to coming here in winter and spring and so it was a joy to be able to bask in sunshine as I look out into the glistening water. The temperature here was 64, 38-degree difference.








We also wanted to go to Goat Rock Beach, which is one of our fave beaches in the Sonoma Coastline, but it was also packed,so we just got content in snapping a photo.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Morocco: The Vivacious Volubilis

About 33 kms from the city of Meknes lie the partly excavated Roman and Berber ruins of Volubilis. Commonly known to be the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Mauretania. With its proximity to the holy city of Moulay Idriss (see previous post), many combine both Volubilis and the holy city as day trip destinations originating from Meknes. The city is the best-preserved site in the country and was declared UNESCO Heritage site in 1997.

It is one of the most beautiful sites I have seen and I have seen a few including Acropolis, Ephesus, and Olympia. The centerpiece of the site is the many beautiful mosaics preserved in situ. Think about how these mosaics have stood the test of time and the harsh Moroccon sun and and nature's beatings. It is such a delight to be able to behold them.

Personally, I knew nothing about this archeological site and prior to the visit, have not heard of it at all. We traveled in April, springtime, and this is the ideal time to go because wildflowers bloom in between the rocks making it perfect for spot for photography sessions. Note that the sun can be really punishing, so best time to go is in the early morning or near sundown.

We arrived mid morning and while it was hazy in Moulay Idriss, it was sunny here.

2017 04 14_canoneos_7405
Entrance; parking beyond the archway.

2017 04 14_canoneos_7392

2017 04 14_canoneos_7391

2017 04 14_canoneos_7430

2017 04 14_canoneos_7433


2017 04 14_canoneos_7413

2017 04 14_canoneos_7470

2017 04 14_canoneos_7473

2017 04 14_canoneos_7492





2017 04 14_canoneos_7478

2017 04 14_canoneos_7453

2017 04 14_canoneos_7488

Now for the centerpiece of this archeological site, the mosaics which are incredibly in good condition considering their age.








2017 04 14_canoneos_7426

2017 04 14_canoneos_7482