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Egypt: Day 5 (Temple at Edfu)

In the afternoon, when we disembarked from the ship, we were docked on the opposite bank of the Nile. Numerous horse carriages were waiting for us. In order to get to the temple we had to take a horse carriage from the Nile through the city to the temple - about 15-20-minute ride. I believe only horse carriages are allowed here. I don't remember seeing any buses inside the parking area.

Past ticket booth is a long line of stalls offering all kinds of souvenir items before reaching the temple. This article is very helpful in learning about the temple, click here. You know me and my proclivity to not paying attention to the guide, hehe.

The temple dedicated to Horus or the falcon god (just like the Temple we visited earlier in the day), but this one is more intact, more well preserved. Not necessarily more appealing, because every temple has a different charm. The courtyard past the pylon (gateway) is spacious and flanked by columns.

Again, the walls and columns were reple…

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