Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Day In the Bahamas

In Nassau, we were allowed to disembark at 12 pm even though we have arrived in the city earlier in the day, probably still waiting for customs clearance. While waiting impatiently for the go signal to get off, we were sightseeing from the deck of the cruise ship. There were 4 other cruise ships docked at the same time that we were, so I was expecting a crowded city. However, that wasn't the case. I thought it was probably the staggered disembarkation schedule among the ships so that the city won't be inundated with so many people at the same time, thus our 12 pm disembarkation time.

2016 11 04_pentax_1454_edited-1
The unmistakable Atlantis in Bahamas look so close.

2016 11 04_pentax_1455_edited-1
Sky or water which is bluer?

2016 11 04_pentax_1456_edited-1
Sunworshippers on the deck.

2016 11 04_pentax_1457_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1366_edited-1
Three of the four other ships docked in Nassau that day.

2016 11 04_pentax_1365_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1363_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1364_edited-1
A whole lot of shades of blue, all pretty.

2016 11 04_pentax_1400
Nassau is beautiful. It has exceeded my expectations.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Leaving Tortola

Some ports you cannot wait to leave, other's you cannot wait to return. As I mentioned previously, I have fallen in love with the Baths and should an opportunity to return comes up, I'll be ready to answer the call.

As we sailed away from Tortola, the sun was shining brightly. An exact opposite of what welcomed us earlier in the day.

2016 11 02_canonpws_1267

2016 11 02_canonpws_1270

2016 11 02_canonpws_1275

2016 11 02_canonpws_1277

A short nap was in order before the evening activities so we retreated to our cabins and promised to meet sometime later. I went to lie and nap, but somehow I was awakened rather abruptly. I went to the balcony to get some fresh air and the sunset was not the typical sunset scene, but it was spectacular just the same.

2016 11 02_pentax_1644

2016 11 02_pentax_1640

2016 11 02_pentax_1638

2016 11 02_pentax_1633

2016 11 02_pentax_1630

2016 11 02_pentax_1620

2016 11 02_pentax_1628

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