Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Splendor of Highway 395

Highway 395, you got to see it to believe it. When I first saw it years ago, it was too much to absorb at one time. It was too pretty, seemed remote, long stretches of it without hint of civilization. The main attraction for me was the mountain range, but there were several lakes along the way.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 551

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 552

Needing to recreate the road trip from years ago, we purposely decided to follow the same path we did except for one thing - we would skip Bodie. On the trip years ago, we attempted to go to Bodie, but the snow started falling and we were driving (again) a small car and we were afraid that we'd get stuck without recourse, so we decided against it.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 581

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 597

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 601

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 617

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 635

Thus we stopped at the same scenic vista point where there is a commanding view of the Mono Basin. I was thankful that there wasn't the howling, strong winds that greeted us in previous visit. This time around it was picture taking heaven.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 636

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 654

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 643

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 555

Something new that was not there on the first time we stopped at this stop in the road. The road fence (?) or whatchamacallit is filled with decals and stickers from fellow travelers. I was sorry I wasn't carrying any with me, otherwise I would have made my contribution too.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 666

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 670

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 664

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 665

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 667

Travel gods were on our side this time around because we were blessed with mild weather, sunshine and blue skies, completely opposite of the first time I've seen this route where it was gray, gloomy and rainy. I enjoyed this road trip both times.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Emma Rules My World

The internet is full of cute kitty videos and photos. I for one spend a lot of my time watching these videos and ogling the adorable images. Since I have two of them in my house, I thought I'd add more kitty images for people to see.

Not too long ago, 2010 to be exact, in the middle of recovering from surgery the husband thought that getting a pet was beneficial for my recovery. I was healing nicely then and was in no particular mood to get a pet. They were a lot of work I know and caring for a pet was the last thing I wanted to do. My childhood was filled with dogs. I like them, but I was never responsible for them. However, I sensed an urgency in my husband's voice and to keep the harmony I went along with him to the shelter, with every intention of saying No to every dog he may favor.

her first pix - day after her adoption.
Everything changed when we got to the shelter. On the way to the rooms that housed the dogs were the cages for kitties. The husband was curious and wanted to check out the kitties. He had a wonderful experience with his childhood pet cat and thought maybe I would be interested to see them up close. I was hesitant. My father when he was alive banned cats in our house, he was allergic to them. As I was passing by, a paw stretched out from one of the cages and a melodious MEOW was heard. I was being summoned by future boss and I didn't know it them. The cat had me at the first MEOW.

Still having second thoughts even after stroking her head and her paw for quite sometime, I let the husband talk me into giving a day or two to think things over. Be that as it may, I still asked for an adoption form with her ID # on it. The lady was all for giving me extra day to decide, and assured me that if the adoption didn't work out they would be willing to take her back. I couldn't fathom that concept. Why would you return a cat?

I went along with the suggestion, slept on it and waited another day (they were closed) to get my little girl. As if the universe was telling me I was making the right move when I went over to pick her up I could not identify her. They all look similar to me. I was getting anxious. I composed myself, took a long breath and stood in the doorway and announced, "I'm here, where's my baby girl? Only one paw was seen through the cage, only one meow was heard. It was her.

The picture above is taken on her second day at home. There was zero adjustment period. She knew I was untutored in the ways of cat slave, so she took over my training. Cats are amazing trainers. I learned quickly the ways to serve a cat.

..........and sleep.
From the very beginning, I enjoy watching her sleep - very peaceful.

She loves her fuzzy pillow.
She loved her fuzzy pillow. She only slept on it.

sleeping arrangement
This is the only way we could get her to use her cat bed.

She does neighborhood watch in the front windows every day, the same time the sun hits the front of the house.

2011_07_03 021
She's been known to enjoy playtime with her mousie.

2012_06_17 emmabuster
It's tough to see her sluggish after her shots.

She demands neck scritches.

2013_06_07 009
"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." - James Herriot

2013_05_12 009
She loves her veggies.

2013_08_25 014
"Time spent with cats is never wasted." Sigmund Freud.

I will feature my other cat next time. This is my entry to OUR WORLD TUESDAY.