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Egypt: Day 7 (Back to Cairo)

December 1st, 2018, penultimate day of this epic trip, started very very early as you can see from the posted itinerary. We are looking forward to a very busy first half of the day, while the rest of the afternoon and evening is free for rest and packing.

Since this would be the last time we are waking up this early, all of us were ready by the time we all got out of the cabins and ready to board the shuttle bus to the airport. At the airport, I remember I was already fully awake as we went through baggage check and immigration.

A bit blurry, but we're ready to be back in the big city.

When we arrived in Cairo, Fawzy, our tour guide, told us Marriott Hotel, where we will be staying the night, has prepared breakfast for us. I was happy to hear this, because I know from previous experience that the breakfast spread is plentiful and all good. While we were having breakfast our luggage found its way to our room.

Once breakfast was over, we were back on the bus for a tour of the …

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