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Big Island: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

After all the excitement from reaching the Papakolea Beach, off to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park we went. We took the Chain of Craters Road and stopped at where the road ended. Here we saw lava flow that has dried up and the dramatic cliffs. There is also a platform for people who want to jump off the cliffs. No one jumped while we were there, although we saw one coming back up. I could not tell for sure if he jumped off the cliffs and took the hanging steps to climb back up or just climbed down then back up. One said the person did jump earlier. Yikes.

The landscape is quite eerie. Dried lava flow and plants growing in this inhospitable conditions are just amazing. Then add the stone arch by the water is also very picturesque. I have to be honest here. I visited both Ireland and Big Island a few months apart in 2018 and I must say these cliffs are pretty comparable to the famous Cliffs of Moher. Not a joke, I feel like these cliffs give the Irish cliffs a good competition…

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