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NV/AZ/UT Roadtrip: Capitol Reef NP, part 1

We came down from the mountain and the snow/blizzard turned into rain. Then the scenery turned into interesting rock formations. I was in awe even more, and we haven't entered the park yet. This trip was turning out to be more than I expected with the wow factor. My jaw was forever on the car floor. I whispered to myself that this was going to be my favorite park among the ones we visited and about to see in this road trip even before I entered the park. It's just one of those things that hit you and you realized why I haven't heard of this park before this trip? The view was too much to just be content with shooting from a moving vehicle, so we pulled over and got out of the vehicle to shoot despite the rain and the biting cold. Since the weather did not lend itself to any activity other than drive through, we decided we had to take the scenic drive. Prior to the trip we found out that there is a scenic drive that is 20 miles round trip and that's what's on

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