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Egypt: Giza Plateau (Day 2)

After an early breakfast, we visited the Pyramids of Giza and later in the morning the Sphinx of Giza. Bright and early is the best time of the day to be there when the place is less packed and the weather more pleasant. I cannot remember if we paid for the entrance to the Giza Plateau individually or if it was part of the whole trip. Nevertheless, entrance was a little under $10 US.

Once we were inside, we were dropped off in front of one of the pyramids. Here, we can explore, go inside the pyramid, or visit a museum. Basically for about an hour or so we were left on our own devices. Short time as it is, we formed a six-some with two other couples. All the husbands wanted see what's inside the pyramid of Khufu, while the wives just wanted to take pictures with the pyramid outside. As it happened the wives were a bit claustrophobic. The guide told us there's a tiny pyramid off to the side that can be entered as well. It might be the right size for us, the tour guid…

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