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Alberta , Canada Road Trip: Day 2 (Calgary)

On Day 2, we got up a bit early and decided this would be the only time we have to explore Calgary as we would be driving to Banff and Canmore today to start this road trip. Before we turned in last night, we agreed with our travel companions that we would not join them for breakfast at the hotel's bistro and instead we'd take this time to go around; they have arrived early yesterday and did their own driving around and have told us that Calgary is pretty small so we can easily see what we came here to see before we meet up with them to start the road trip. In all honesty, all I want to see is the Peace Bridge because it looks so Instagrammable. Yeah, what a shallow reason, eh? But today being a Sunday, we thought it best to pay a visit to church first just to say a little thanksgiving prayer and a whole lot of travel mercy prayers for all travelers. The internet search I did back home resulted in the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, which was not too far from the hote

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