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Israel & Jordan 2023: Jerusalem, part 5

The Holy Sepulchre Church is located traditionally at the site where Jesus was crucified , a place called Golgotha, and the place where he was buried and also where he resurrected. Imagine that! Personally, I didn't fully realize how holy this site is. I was pinching myeslf to see if any of this is real. We were told that there is a family that by tradition has been assigned to keep the gate locked at night and open it in the morning. At the time of the visit, the facade was covered in scaffolding, so I didn't really get a look at the facade. Now both the small courtyard and the church was crowded. In my opinion, there should be a system to control the number of people entering the church (like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul), but I don't know how feasible that will be considering this is one of the main pilgrimmage sites of all Christianity. We elbowed our way peacefully into the church . The church is huge and we saw so very little of it in our alloted time. Let me s

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