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Egypt: Day 6 (Luxor Temple)

By the time we were done visiting Karnak Temple, it was dusk. Perfect time for the planned night visit to Luxor Temple. We were told the temple would be lit, giving it a different feel as opposed to visiting it in daylight. To be perfectly honest, I personally would have preferred to see the temple's every nook and cranny in daylight, because I know for a fact that we missed so much detail with the night visit. No mistaking that the night visit with lights perfectly placed gives the temple ruins a different kind of charm and I'm pretty sure that many enjoyed the visit, including me. However, it was another jam-packed temple, with a large group of elementary-school-aged children visiting the same time we were; thus, a full exploration of the temple was not possible.

Because the lighting was tough, I had to resort to my phone to capture all the images.

The temple captured from the bus.

Again, Christian crosses are seen on the walls.

Across the temple was a little square.

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Egypt: Day 6 (Karnak Temple)