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(20) Churches Around the World

In honor of Easter season, I share with you some of the churches I photographed from my old travels and/or road trips.

Notre Dame. Paris. 2009

La Iglesia de San Jose. Madrid. 2009

St. John's Co-Cathedral. Valletta. 2009

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Mazatlan Cathedral). Mazatlan. 2011

Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Puerto Vallarta. 2011

Carmel Mission Basilica. California. 2011

St. Louis Cathedral. New Orleans. 2012

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Cancun. 2013

Old St. Mary's of Nicasio Valley. California. 2013

Barcelona Cathedral. Barcelona. 2014

Cathedral de la Major. Marseille. 2014

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo. Genoa. 2014

Church of Santa Maria of Belem. Lisbon. 2014

Madre de Deus Church. Lisbon. 2017

Old St. John's Church. Limerick. 2018

Sagrada Familia.  Barcelona. 2019

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