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NV/AZ/UT Road Trip: Natural Bridges National Monument

The first half of Day 5 was a visit to the Birthing Scene Stone , as previously posted. For the afternoon we penned a visit to Natural Bridges National Monument in Lake Powell, Utah. From Moab it’s a 2 ½ hour drive according to Google maps, but I felt like it took longer than that. Nope, not complaining because I enjoyed watching the passing scenery. We took 191 S and just drove straight. We even passed by Monticello, which was our home for the night. Most of the first part of the drive was hit by heavy rain. The rest of the drive was met with pleasant weather and sunshine. There were long stretches that saw us on our own without any other cars on the road. It is during these times that I get anxious. As much as I get a bit cray-cray in overcrowded places, being all alone also gives me the creeps - sometimes. However, whatever was bothering me was drowned by the beauty of the drive. We drove through a sandstone pass with humongous red rocks flanking both sides. It was beyon

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