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Barcelona 2019: La Boqueria - A Photographic Tour

Who knew I would be so lucky as to be able to return to my favorite city for the third time in one lifetime? Barcelona as you may have known, or guessed, has captured my heart from the very beginning. That is why, any chance I get to go back I take it without batting the proverbial eyelash.

And because I love the city so much, I took my college roommate there first. I made sure that the cruise we take would leave from this charming city.

One of the reasons I like going back to Barcelona is the La Boqueria. Who doesn't like markets, right? This one is more than just a market where you can savor the best and the freshest comestibles; this is also a great spot for people watching. On this visit to Barcelona, we have gone here multiple times, each time nibbling our way through aisles and food stalls. My appetite for photography was also satisfied by this colorful and vibrant market.


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