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NV/AZ/UT Road Trip: Monument Valley

“So this is where God put the West!” What a glorious day to be out here in the “enduring landmark of the American West”. I was pinching myself to see if I truly was here looking at this beautiful scene before me. I was completely bewitched by the landscape - by all of these in front of me. We pulled up some distance away for a great vantage point and took photos. Drove a little closer, stopped and took more photos. This was repeated a few times. The buttes are truly magnificent both individually and together. I may have taken a few hundred shots (exagg!) of the same thing from different angles but hey, we’re not thinking about storage anymore, right? To be perfectly honest, I may have made a serious miscalculation in planning this road trip. We could have stayed here overnight, watched the sky, and enjoyed the serenity that the darkness brings. That plan would have to wait for some future date, unfortunately. In addition to taking a ton of photos, we d

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