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Roadtrip to Pacific Northwest: Multnomah Falls

Day 4

Day 4 of the road trip saw us making a turn around and ready to head back to California. Today we left Seattle after breakfast and took the long drive to Eugene, Oregon - our home for the night. By lunch time, we were picnicking by Multnomah Falls.

We visited Multnomah Falls a decade ago. We have been meaning to revisit for years, but not until last summer did the opportunity presented itself. The place changed a bit from the last time. It was so much more crowded now and because of the crowd, I did not enjoy the visit this time as much as I had the first time.

The falls itself, however, was as beautiful as I imagined it. The magic of the place is still there. I hope to visit again, in the off season, and hopefully get to hike up there like we've been hoping we would.

In the mean time, we took as many photos as we could.

We did pretty well avoiding arms and heads of people in our photos, didn't we?


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