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My First Renaissance Faire

Would it be safe to say that I am among the last people here on blogworld to attend a Renaissance fair? Unfathomable it seems given the fact that I love all sorts of street fairs and festivals. In fact, I was pretty confident that I have pretty much attended majority of the festivals in the Bay Area. However, the Renaissance Fair or Highlands Games have eluded my attention nor interest. Anyway, are Renaissance Fair and Highland Games one and the same or are they different? Anyhow, with a conscious effort to do and see more local sights and activities this year we found out about this event. I cannot tell you where we saw it, some pop up from a website or something most likely, but a Renaissance fair has never been in my radar until that moment. So we booked online right away for October 15. The fair was held in the city of Hollister, more or less 90 miles away from San Francisco. The Norcal Renaissance Faire was held in Casa de Fruta The day was cold and overcast, but ever

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