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Canary Islands Cruise

After a fantastic day touring Malaga, we returned back to the boat fully expecting a restful evening and night before exploring Alicante the next day. I was incredibly excited to see Alicante for the first time. But we hit bad stormy weather that night. It made the boat rocked real bad. I have never experienced worse cruise experience than this. I very rarely get sea sick and I didn’t, but I almost did. My friend, however, was hit very hard by motion sickness. You know that it’s bad when barf bags are present everywhere around the ship.

The following day, we woke up early, not showing signs of the effects of last night’s inclement weather. At breakfast, everyone seemed to be in good spirits and ready to face a full day of exploring. Looking out of the window we can see it was overcast and someone noticed the wavelets mean there’s a storm nearby. Sometime during breakfast, an announcement came over the PA system that the captain is skipping Alicante due to weather-related re…

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