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NV/AZ/UT Roadtrip: Bryce Canyon National Park

It was late afternoon when we finally reached Bryce Canyon NP. The late May Utah weather had turned chilly (43F) and breezy, but we were keen on seeing as much as we could. I regretted not bringing a heavier coat. It was understood that all we could do and all we allotted to do here in the park was to sightsee, but just in case we had time I researched for short hikes under 2 miles. 
Unfortunately there simply was no time. I found out that there is a one main road 36 miles round trip that hits 13 viewpoints and can be explored in 3 hours. At least I allotted 3 hours for sightseeing.
Since we arrived late, we decided to just cherry-pick the viewpoints to stop at. Out of the 13 viewpoints along this main road, we selected 7 viewpoints randomly: Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge, Black Birch Canyon, Rainbow Point, Yovimpa, Sunset, and Inspiration. 
If I had my way with words like the poets do I could have penned a masterpiece but I don’t and I am hoping my photos would somehow convey the magnific…

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