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An Afternoon in Sonoma with Friends

I cannot remember exactly when the restrictions were dropped and people around here can go out and socialize face to face. So when finally we can do that a group of us decided to have an afternoon in Sonoma (the lesser known wine area) for some vodka tasting, yes vodka, and early bird chow. In July of 2021 friends of us took us to a vodka tasting in Alameda at Hangar 1 Distillery . We had so much fun with that outing that we thought we'd replicate it but with one more couple joining us and this time at this place in Sonoma. Our destination on that early September afternoon was Hanson of Sonoma Distillery . My husband and I discovered it on one of our drives to Sonoma. Tastings are more fun with friends so we got two other couples to join us for an afternoon of sipping and munching. I am more of a wine person and not really vodka type, but I was willing to try anything that this wonderful region has to offer. We were seated outdoors in the garden and in addition to the tasti

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