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My First Blue Angels in San Francisco (2022)

Most of you have heard or seen the Blue Angels in action. I haven't until last year. So for those who don't know, the Blue Angels are a flight demonstration squadron of the United States Navy. Formed in 1946, they perform aerobatic flights at about 30 locations throughtout the US annually. Truth be told, I wasn't very keen on seeing them in person. The local news always has great coverage yearly and I rely on them for my Blue Angels ration for the year. Still, there was a little part of us (hubs & I) that want to see them fly in person. However, scheduling conflict always hinder our attendance to the demonstration. Until last year, when my husband penciled in the weekend they were to fly way ahead of time so we can go. The fun day began with a ferry ride to the city from Richmond. We have taken the ferry previously to the city from Alameda, the other side of the bay. So this would be the first time we would be coming from this part of the bay. The ferry w

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