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A Little Look at Salt Lake City

I really thought that we would have enough time to look around Salt Lake City, but it was a long drive from Montana to Idaho to Salt Lake City following a 3-day road trip to Yellowstone National Park. It was twilight by the time we reached SLC and since we don't know anything about the city and only heard of Temple Square, that's where we headed. Unfortunately, it was getting really dark and cold there is really nothing much to see so we only took a few photos and walked straight to the Downtown Center Mall; but not interested in shopping or browsing, we went looking for some food. The mall has a good-sized food court and decided that we'd get take-away so we can rest for the early flight the next day and that was what we did. A real pity that we did not get to see more of the city. With the driving we did around town, I noticed the city is very clean and beautiful.

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