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NV/AZ/UT ROADTRIP: Scenic State Route 24 to Green River

This was Day 3 of the road trip and quite a memorable one. It began with us battling through a blizzard just to get to Capitol Reef NP. And then, it was raining the whole time we were in the park that our visit was limited to driving through the Scenic Drive. At this point though I was ready to just coast the 85 or so miles from the park to our home for two nights in a small town called Green River. However, I did not realize (I should have though) how scenic the way to the hotel was despite the constant drizzle the entire way. Let me show you. Green River is a sleepy town with its Main Street as the place to be. It's where everything is located - restaurants, hotels, gas stations etc. Our hotel for two nights was in Main Street next to a truck stop and restaurant. Once the check-in was over, we found that resting is not what we wanted to do. For sure we wanted to see what this town has to offer. With Mr. Google's help we found that they have a stat

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