The Thinker (A. Rodin)

The Thinker seems to be saying, "Don't bother me, I am thinking here!"
Taken one beautiful September day, Legion of Honor, SF.


  1. I always enjoy seeing pictures of "the thinker." I guess, it must've been to myriad variations done with it through the years.

    Is tis a relica or the original?

  2. dati ginaya ko yung ganitong pose, kunwari ako si thinker, tamang tama kasi negro ako eh, hihihi

  3. Nice statue! Is this the original?

  4. senor and sidney....well, it's not the "original", but it's not a replica neither..sort of..Rodin was a businessman as well as an artist so he commissioned someone to create large bronze casts of his works and sold these casts. as far as I know, the thinker as well as the other works in this museum are from this essence, it's an original bronze
    cast, :D. there's quite a lot of these original casts all over the US.

    Hi ash and iskoo.

  5. Oh, that's a very interesting trivia. Thanks!

  6. Hehe! This is amusing. I was about to ask as well if this was an original. Thanks for the info


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