Weekend Photos

The closest walking path is by the creek. It's particularly lovely this weekend.

Here is where the creek meets up with the Bay before going to the Pacific.

Birds and ducks call the creek home. Very slowly and quietly, I walked closer to get this shot.

The shoreline is a good place to walk and watch the sunset. This particular day with the temp up to 82 on a winter day (technically, that is), may kids found a dip in the bay a way to enjoy the day. I did see this same kid swimming under an adult supervision, but I dont think this water is clean for swimming.

Further along the shoreline is the refinery. Yes, this part of the Bay is home to several refineries. Despite that, the Bay Area still commands the highest gas prices in the nation. Go figure.

The first time I found a whole tree trunk swept off to the shore. Someone spray painted Fish On, probably due to the fact that despite its proximity to the refineries, this part of the bay is frequented by fishermen.


  1. Please excuse the typos. Am in a hurry.

  2. it looks like you had a good wknd... love that first pic with the reflection... it looks like a painting...

    very nice cache, i enjoyed... :)


  3. Great shots.I like the composition and colors.Well done!

  4. It looks like a nice place despite the ugly refinery.

  5. wooow, what a relaxing weekend it is, ganda ng view! :)


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