Caught Shooting #12

It's August 1..the dog days of summer are here. In the world of MLB, these days separate the pretenders from the contenders. Unfortunately, my Giants have a luckluster first half that they are double-digit behind the first-place. I seriously don't even look at the standings anymore.

I was lucky enough to have tickets to the July 28th Marlins-Giants game with my seat at the left field lower box; I could see Bonds really closely. Here, these guys a couple of rows infront of me have a field day shooting the big guy. This game was especially fun, because the Giants came from behind and won the game in the bottom of the 9th.

Pic taken as Bonds takes his position in the left field. He was sitting on 754 here, still is as I am watching the Giants-Dodgers game.


  1. that would have been a fun game to go to, nice shot.


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