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Waterfalls created by melting snow can be seen all over the border of Alaska and Canada in the Yukon Territory. Part of the tour stopped at one of these waterfalls where every one was asked to sample the glacial water. Boy was it really refreshing, cold too.

I will take an unexpected break from blogging. Some things need to be addressed immediately and I will be back end of January, hopefully with one or two good photos to share.

Internet might not be accessible or easily available where I am going so I will also take a break from visiting and/or commenting on your blogs.


  1. What a beautiful shot I bet the water was great. Lloyd and Ranger

  2. Lovely burst of yellow!

    Take care. Sending lots of good wishes your way...

  3. this is a very nice shot!
    see you when you get back!

  4. Good shot. I love that yellow against the grey rocks.

  5. It looks like a challenging path with all those huge rocks. But being so close to the waterfalls have been worth the effort.

  6. Enjoy your short break. Will wait for more pics!

  7. excellent color contrast...
    been quite a while since i visited a waterfall

    btw, please update your links to my new domain: Backpacking Philippines


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