08/04/07, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Taken 08/04/07.

Many times in the past I pass by the exit to Capitola. On this day, with some time to kill (we are getting back from attending the STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in Watsonville) we decided to see what's going on with Capitola.

Capitola is a small coastal touristy town lined with shops, eats, etc. I took this while on the wharf. People fish and swim and sail. It was a beautiful day, but look on the background, the fog is starting to roll in. So typical of this part of California.

Well, for those who are buried under snow right now, or like us being rained on, this will remind you that summer will be here soon.


  1. please come summer!!!!! nice post!

  2. Great shot. Summer is coming here soon. I can't wait to hit the beach with my family.


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