Bluer Than Blue

IMG_0343, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Shot from Capitola Wharf, from the same place as the 9/11/08 and 9/14/08 posts.

This week is the last full week of summer. While I would love very much to keep going with this series, I thought it's high time I end this for now.

I will start posting random shots in the coming days.


  1. Those boats look dangerously close to each other. But this seascape is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! Love the different shades of blue in here.

  3. Just amazing color to the water. I love the light on it. And especially that it appears quite a bit overcast. Wonderful tribute to summer's end!

  4. What a gorgeous photo! Love this view!

  5. Loving all that blue - and the boats. Roaming aimlessly...

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