SFPD Drops In

SFPD on water, originally uploaded by airam94564.

In all my years here, I have never seen with my own eyes SFPD on water patrol. Glad I was there when they showed up. And lucky me I was out shooting too.

I think he just wanted to say hi to these guys. I'm sure they're not floating under the influence [wink* wink*]


  1. They were probably jealous and wanted to chill out themselves :)

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  2. PC: I'm sure they just wanted to catch a ball and you caught them along with the police.

  3. hahaha! yup, they seem to be, one guy has a tennis raquet for a paddle ;-)

  4. Looked like fun and relaxing. Was that a tennis racquet or fishing net?

  5. i think i see a bird perched on a post watching all the goings on.... unless i'm seeing things... lol

    gee, I hope they had their registrations for floating around in a raft with no life jackets.... they could lose points for that.. :)

  6. Hope those guys didn't get into trouble. :)

  7. this is funny. great catch

  8. "Louis" has noticed the Oakland PD has a similar boat at Jack London Square - it never seems to go out on patrol.


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