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Woo hoo!!!!

I know I'm double posting today, but hey, it's a special occasion.

California just closed its polling places, and Barack Obama has been declared the president-elect.

Again, WOO HOO!!!!!!

[Ooops, my bad, this is my only posting for Tuesday.]


  1. Congratulations!!! Your country is about to undergo a major facelift - and not just. I'm happy myself that Obama won! I posted something on my A Pinay In England because I feel I've been part of a very historic moment.

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    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  2. So happy I'm crying all the time.
    Just saw a super video clip of Maya Angelou from CBS news.
    America can be such a good place.....most Americans are lovely.
    We are now showing our best side - at last.

  3. I'm glad tha Americans have decided that they want change and that the world in general has responded positively to that decision. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!! We are so happy for the USA and the rest of the world. I believe he CAN DO IT.

  5. Lets hope he can really do it !

  6. though i can't vote yet, i really felt the thrill, too... let's pray that God would use Obama for USA

  7. Change it is! I'm eager to see what to make of Obama's first term. I wish him success in his mission for a better America. He also proves that it doesn't whether you're white or black. =D

  8. congrats to president-elect barack obama

  9. Congratulations to your new president. I was really moved by his speech.

    BTW, thank you for your birthday greetings for my hubby.

  10. Change isn't just good, it's great!!!

  11. Congratulations on your new president!

  12. Congratulations on such a sweet victory for Obama!


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