My Good Side

Side View, originally uploaded by airam94564.
Do you remember a couple of posts back, Strawberry Vanilla Swirl? Thi s is her sister, they both come from the same rose bush that my brother gave my mother one Mother's Day. It smells delicious. It's called DOUBLE DELIGHT, a Jackson and Perkins roses.


  1. She's just as beautiful as her sister.

  2. Double delight ... how nice! It's beautiful.

  3. Hallo, hope you got my advice for "cristate" flowers and plants in your previous post.
    I never saw cristate roses but they are beautiful in the natural form.
    Powerful colour.

  4. i like how you treat those flowers like human beings.

  5. very beautiful! If only we can share smells as easily as photos, huh? =)


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