All I Want For Christmas

Are we on time?, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Here's another shot I left out of my Singapore series. Can you guess which destination do I long to go the most?


  1. Manila of course. I can't wait myself til this Saturday.

    I'm so jealous! I can't wait to have coconuts. We don't get them here.

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  2. Doc Joy--am not going there. Maybe next year. This was an archives this from this January.

  3. i think it's phuket! i hope i got it right.

  4. All look too "foreign" for my taste! I'm more of a North American-destination sort of guy!


  5. Dong--everything comes second to Manila of course.

    Alan--I was in SE Asia when I took this snap. Yap, I could imagine how you feel.

  6. Balikpanan - not that I know where that is :-)

  7. Considering the title of the photo and since Awritsar is boarding, I'll settle for that.

  8. Louis--I dont know where that is either. I wouldn't mind going there though.

    RuneE--That's an exotic name I wouldn't mind visiting.

  9. On a recent trip My flight was delayed for bad weather. I hope you had safe travels.

  10. Hinahanap-hanap kita Manila, ang ingay mong kay sarap sa tenga...

    (just pretend I'm singing in tune)

  11. Ha Bangkok sounds good, but to be honest I would love to be going anywhere:)

  12. It's interesting to guess your wanted destination. I like the sound of Phuket.

  13. luke--thanks, i remembered the flight was on time.

    sidney--you are right, where else?

    lizza--was dancing while you were singing. wish i could wish i could.

    tracy--i dont mind going anywhere either, anywhere away from this office desk.

    bipolar haven---:)

    don--phuket sounds extremely good, someday maybe.

    rachel--manila is my wish, but i wasn't going there at that time i took this.

  14. I am late for this I would have guess Ho Chi Minh, that is where I probabaly be going next year. Now I know why I find this familar, just went to Changi Airport yesterday. :) Will post photos of changi airport soon. :) You can also check out my blog all on Changi Airport.

  15. It's fun to read these airport flight lists


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