Hanging On For Dear Life

november 19 photos 074a, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Is this how you feel during this season? Are you stressed out with all the shopping and the crowded malls and the constant buzz of activity?


  1. Aha! Nope. Because I finished my shopping two weeks ago :D I hate getting squashed.

    Lovely photo, Maria.

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  2. I love the symbolism this photo holds...but look at the soil, its not holding na...:D

    Hopes for a lovely day to you and the whole fam!!!

  3. Lovely shot, but I think the tree is doomed unless some soil and a retaining wall are not built soon

  4. No...I don't do any shopping... ;-)

    Wow...that tree is in a dangerous spot....

  5. I hate shopping but I love walking around to admire such nice scenes!

  6. Shopping is my worst nightmare Maria.:)
    Love the image you have captured, I wonder how long it will take for it the tree to slide?

  7. Honestly, I haven't started shopping yet. Hopefully this weekend, I can buy some gifts.

  8. I REALLY like this one, Mroy! REALLY!

  9. I love this. Water and a tree and some brown. What more does one need?


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