No Tweaking, honest!

No Tweaking, honest!, originally uploaded by airam94564.

This is the same tree from yesterday's post.

I think I will post random shots for the rest of the year. Series will start next year hopefully. I have plenty of pictures that were left out when I ended some series prematurely in the past.

BTW, congratulations are in order: First to Manny Pacquiao for that win against de la Hoya. Yes, I know I am late, but better late than never you know.

And secondly, to Greg Maddux for his retirement. I am sure he can still go another season, but I respect his decision to retire. Congratulations on a Hall of Fame career.


  1. I was missing too much of your wonderful photos (i was banned from using the pc lol). Is this a recent photo still got loads of leaves there!

  2. This is an impressive tree for its giant branches and style. Nice shot.

  3. Cool and weird tree.. great shot!

  4. @G, I was gonna send a search party for you. Where have you been? This was from the archives, late summer snap.

    @Don, it caught my attention instantaneously.

  5. Greg Maddux? He used to play for the Braves here in Atlanta, Mroy!!!

  6. An eye catching tree! very nice!

  7. Lovely tree, I like both versions.

  8. Impressive tree... look forward to see the left out pictures...

  9. That tree does look very impressive.

    And yay for Manny!

  10. Love the look of this tree Maria.
    Looks like something I might see on one of my long walks!!:)

  11. i think i love this more than the previous. it has a natural warmth into it.

    manny pacquiao just arrived in the country. will wait for him to come by our office for the motorcade (just like last year), hehe...jologs ko talaga. samahan pa ng pakaway-kaway.

  12. That's a lovely and huge tree. I wonder how old it is.

    I was just watching Manny Pacquiao on the news. He arrived in the country earlier today.

  13. The tweaked one is very nice, but I prefer the original one! Superb capture.

  14. Love the tree. And love the tweaked one below, too. This tree has GREAT personality!

    Your seagull and crab is terrific, too, and the mountain, and the shoes....

  15. A lovely tree photo, Maria!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  16. @Victor--funny you say weird :)

    @Ginnie--I only recognize Maddux as a Brave. I thought he did his best work while pitching there.

    @Luke--Welcome back.

    @Aussie--Thanks Aussie.

    @Sidney--Hope I don't disappoint you :D

    @Lizza--Yay Manny indeed.

  17. @Tracy---You may be right. I don't know what kind of tree this is.

    @Rayts---Don't forget to take photos and post on you blog ok?

    @Rach---He should be careful next time tho'. You know one cannot win them all.

    @Standley--I am with you there. I like the original one better.

    @Louise--I love trees, has not climbed them, but I hug 'em :)

    @Joy--Doc still in Norwich? I thought you should be humming carols under the tropical sun by now.

  18. it is naturally beautiful. the tweaking brought out a new perspective of this tree.

  19. That's a great looking tree. I'm loving the sea gull below with the crab too. Great capture! Running after it paid off.

  20. Look at those branches and the texture the wood - a beautiful sculpture of the nature. Thanks for sharing this.


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