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I was going to run some left overs from the various series that I ran this year, but since I have these photos up at Flickr, I thought I'd share them. I will still run a series on this later on. I think I may have enough material to cover a week's run.

This was taken Memorial Day weekend this year on a road trip to Highway 395 from Carson City Nevada to Mammoth Lakes CA and Yosemite.

Here's a shot taken on a moving vehicle as we enjoy the sights of Highway 395.


  1. This is a stunning view Maria.
    I am so envious I would love this place.:)

  2. A fabulous part of the world, Maria. I'll be posting some of my own views of Yosemite in the next few days.

  3. A beautiful photograph that makes me glad to be alive

  4. We really do have a magnificent country, Mroy, don't we. It's awesome.

  5. Lurch--thanks, I am sure you would not only love this, you would walk the length too.

    Alan--can't wait for a professional eye to capture Yosemite :)

    Eyes Wide Shut---Amen to that.

    Ginnie---I was surprised to see such beauty, I would love to go back, especially now that gas prices are down to 1.62 here.

  6. That is a beautiful part of the country!

  7. Nice Shot. That is indeed a beautiful stretch of Landscape to Mammoth Lakes. It changes so much over the miles, but the beauty never diminishes.

  8. Very beautiful scenery. Congratulations on your coming 600th post. :)

  9. This is a fabulous place Maria. You captured it so well!

  10. What can I say? It's beautiful!

    Holiday ok so far, but there have been some stressful events starting 3 hours before we landed in Manila and I needed to ring my folks while on the plane para sunduin kami at sumugod sa ospital. Kaloka!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.

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    I, Woman

  11. I'd kill for that view.

    I'm immediately reminded of James Bond's A View To A Kill after typing the that line.

  12. That's a beauty of a shot!

  13. A beautiful mountain range shot. That must have been a very interesting and productive drive.

  14. Gorgeous photo! I love road trips!

    So sad that the ice caps are slowly melting. It would've been lovelier if the top was filled with more white snow.


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