Walking Izmir 2

The pastries all gone, we decided to leave the cafe/bakery and continued to explore this street.
As I was shooting I noticed this guy waving at me, most likely wanting me to stop and check out what he's selling. Unfortunately, we walked on by.
No paucity for eating establishments. However, my appetite wasn't with me that day.
I love the narrow streets in Izmir, like the ones in Barcelona.
Another place to eat. I love the pink color and the ironwork on the windows.
There was a church but it was gated and the gate was closed. The gate was high too so this was the only part of the church that was visible.

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  1. i wonder why the church was closed. interesting shots and i like how it portrayed the every day life of Izmir.

  2. I love that small alley with old buildings on the third photo. It must be very nice to walk that alley.

  3. beautiful! especially the photo of the narrow street--the terraces are romantic.:p
    interesting name of that place where the guy was waving at you---Aklan.:p

  4. I love that narrow street with the balconies.

  5. i like the 4th and 6th photo the most in this set. whoa! the people looks friendly as you portray it in the second photo.

  6. All those pictures of edible stuff. OK, I will go make lunch :-)

  7. Very beautiful images of the streets, the church in the green is so charming!


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