El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque

As we were heading back to the port, we passed by this imposing looking mosque. I can't remember if we asked our driver to stop or our friends from the other taxi stopped first to look, but we were given a few minutes to snap some photos.

Shoot first - then check wikipedia later, isn't this the rule when traveling and seeing something foreign on your own without the help of a tour guide? So here's what wikipedia says about this mosque:

"El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque (Arabic: جامع المرسي أبو العباس‎) is a famous mosque in Alexandria, Egypt, which is dedicated to the Alexandrine Sufi saint el-Mursi Abul Abbas.

It is located in the Anfoushi neighborhood of Alexandria, near the Citadel of Qaitbay.

The most important historic mosque inAlexandria, Egypt, as well as a very beautiful one, is considered to be that of Abu El Abbas El Mursi. Constructed in 1775 by Algerians, it was built over the tomb of the thirteenth century Murcia Andalusan saint, Ahmed Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi (Abu'l 'Abbas) who joined and then lead, as a devout Sufi, the Shadhali brotherhood. Abu El Abbas El Mursi is in himself a very interesting story."

Read more here.


The gate was open, we came inside a bit but didn't go farther than a foot or so of the opened gate. We felt we were intruding. I didn't think there was service at that time.


This is the street scene just outside of the serene looking mosque inside its compound.

And this is what faces the mosque, a beautiful view of the sea. I have seen plenty of people on this trip walking around the streets selling postcards like this one in this photo. I saw some in Athens too.


  1. im always fascinated with beautiful structures. pero lang pag place of worship tama na wag na magpicture sa loob lalo kung may service that time. Ü

    your photos are clean, as always. you're a woman, right?

  2. these photos are breathtaking.

  3. The facade looks magnificent, and the story behind it interesting. I would love to see the inside.

    Postcard street vendors? I think I've seen it in most places of insterest I have visited. :)

  4. This culture is so unknown to me, Maria. I really need a good education when I see things like this! (sigh) Thanks for the tidbits you're sending our way.

  5. The sharp angled modern tower building is quite a contrast with the mosque buildings.

  6. Great shots. This looks like an amazing place, so different from anything I've ever seen.

  7. Impressive architecture. I love all the detail. What a wonderful trip.

  8. I'm amazed at how old it is. What a beautiful location as well!

    please join me on My Path

  9. The place looks stunning. And the detail is fantastic. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. :)

  10. a mosque? They must have spent so much money to build it, it looks like a sultan's palace.

    You took great photos.

  11. i understand what you mean when you didn't choose to go inside,but it would;ve been nice to take a peek though. ^0^
    although not a believer of sufism, listening to its music and chants, they're rather mystical and calming. ^-^

    the places of worship are always admiring and wonderful to look at, on one hand you think about how painstakingly it was built, the other, how it's has survived through the years.
    and this is one structure that can;t be missed, definitely.

  12. you captured its great details in the second and third photo. one amazing structure.

  13. One of the most beautiful mosque façades I have ever seen!

  14. Impressive pictures again, it is such a different culture than we are familiar with, love it as a piece of art.
    It must be wonderful to be able to travel and visit it all.

  15. Would you believe that I've never peeked inside the Mosque? Considering that it's already my third ramadan in the UAE. Although I am planning to visit the largest mosque here this year. It is open to public/tourists and serves well the photo enthusiasts.

  16. @ CHYNG - yap babaeng babae :D

    @ kayni - thanks.

    @ eki - i find the postcard vendor a rare sight and treat for me during this trip.

  17. @ GINNIE - I would love to see your photos when you get to travel here. You should definitely try to go.

    @ Louis - yap the juxtaposition of traditional and modern is really nice and was a surprise to me.

    thanks Al, Carol, Luke and thanks for the first visit Cedric.

    @ ANN - I don't have too much experience with mosque architecture but this one's really pretty isn't it, like a palace.

  18. @ ARABESQUE - I know. If any of the 5 people in my group wanted to see the interiors, I would have said let's go, but no one was willing to go inside.

    thanks Dong, Astrid, JM.

    @ WITS - I have taken a quick peek at a small mosque in Malacca. Please go inside one of the mosques and show us what it's like inside. Thanks.

  19. You would most likely have been asked to cover your head if you were to go inside the mosque. The intricate design on those domes are really unique no?

  20. beautiful mosques... a mix of the old and new.. I love cities that are beside the sea.. makes it prettier.

  21. I bet you would have enjoyed looking around inside the mosque! That one looked quite interesting.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  22. Very beautiful images of the mosque, the architecture is really splendid!

  23. The Abu El Abbas El Mursi (hehe, had to copy-paste that) mosque is magnificent!


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