Caught By The Lens

Here are a few of the things my lens caught while exploring the walled city on foot.

3508 for blog
Carriage Ride anyone? We were offered 50 euros for an hour's ride. No thank you we replied.

Their public bus. Must be here only for photo op, since no bus runs around the city. Didn't I tell you this is like an open air museum?

Streets that go up and down. This one in particular reminded me so much of San Francisco.

And dead end alleys, gotta love them.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

    Have a nice day.

  2. really a feast for the eyes! 50euros for the carriage ride?! i'd rather sweat na lang! :D

  3. 59 Euros for a carriage ride! Wow! I think I'd rather walk, too! Such an interesting place...

  4. The details of the walled city that you captured in these pictures even look more marvelous than I had expected from your previous posts.

    That carriage is an eye-catcher. Alas, it's too expensive to have a ride on one.

  5. I like very much these kind of street shots ! Very interresting because a lot to discover !

  6. excellent shots. i love the 3rd photo--yeah, the street looks like SFo, beautiful.

  7. A lovely city that you captured so well !

  8. Better to walk than be ripped off for a ride. You have time to linger and better shots to compose.

  9. lovin' the 3rd and 4th photos :)

    been reading your previous posts. now i feel like i've been to europe as well. :)

  10. Oh yes, Maria. I love this kind of street scenery and architecture.!

  11. The carriage ride is a rip off. :(

    I liked best the last shot. The hanged clothes (?) added drama.

  12. interesting finds again! ^0^
    the first one reminded me of our local kalesa, tee-hee, but the last cul de sac foto esp. the bleu wall really looks like a painting/sketch.
    you do have a keen eye.

    ps: glad you enjoyed the daniel powter series. ^0^
    somehow the bad day song, always made my down spirits up. ^0^

  13. Can 10 people fit in the ride? :D

    Your photos look like those super interesting postcards sold in exotic locations.

    Sorry I haven't visited sooner. Been under the weather.

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  14. interesting. i dont know what magic it brings but a signature in a photo makes it more beautiful ;)

  15. i like the 2nd to the last photo. im a fan of patterns. ;)

  16. the dead end alley is so interesting. i wonder if they blocked that or it's always been like that.

  17. This has been a great series on Malta. All of the shots are so good and I feel like I was there with you.


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