Upper Barrakka Gardens

Upper Barrakka
Wasn't lucky here. Didn't get to shoot without people.
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Sir Winston Churchill's bust.
Les Gavroches
"Les Gavroches"
Looking down I saw what looked like a good outdoor restaurant seating.
Memories of its valiant past.
Fort St. Angelo

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are situated near Castille Place and possess unsurpassed views across the Grand Harbour over to the Three Cities.

The origins of the Upper Barrakka Gardens go back to 1661, when it was a private garden of the Italian Knights, whose inns of residence (auberges) lie close by. It was not before 1824 that it was opened as a public garden and during WWII the garden suffered much destruction.

The paths are lined with and the busts, statues and plaques that chart various personalities and other significant events in Maltese history.

Of special interest are the bronze group, known as ‘Les Gavroches’ (street urchins), by an early 20th century Maltese sculptor. Depicting three children hurrying forward, the idea behind this statue was the extreme hardship faced at the turn of the 20th century.



  1. That's the thing with popular tourist spots, you can NEVER get a shot without people hovering in the background. :D I once told my husband to wait until there were no one around and he said that it would take forever so he snapped it with me and about a dozen tourists all in the same frame but looking at different directions. he he he

  2. It's really a challenge to capture a very touristy spot. Although there are some shots which are more lively when there are "actors", err people in them. The firs photo is a stand out.

  3. It's not easy taking photos of places of interest when there are too many visitors. I try waiting for a while if the shot is important to me.

    Beautiful garden.

  4. the fourth picture, the one of the resto with a boat and lots of chairs and tables, it really looks like a painting. beautiful.

  5. agree with d.laura, you can never get a good shot w/o peeps indeed. ^0^
    but still gr8 ensemble. '
    interesting there's a churchill bust and the bird's eye view;s amazing.

  6. Top photo: even with people, it still looks great.

    I like the overhead view of those restaurant chairs. The patterns look nice.

  7. is that a boat at the restaurant seating area? i thought that was interesting.

  8. Never considered Malta as a travel destination... but after reading all your blog post about that place I will surely put it in my "to do/to go" list.
    This is an awesome looking place.

  9. The boat is a pretty addition! charming e

  10. @ SIDNEY - if I had more time, I would have done a lot of macros. :D

    @ G - never got around to finding out what restaurant that was, but yes, the boat was a good and unexpected addition to the decor.

  11. A place I've always wanted to visit...Now even moreso.Great choices.

  12. I just finished looking at your last several post and I really enjoyed your photos. Malta looks like an amazing place.

  13. love the first photo. i'm seeing a lot of angle to shoot at. But the place is really beautiful.

  14. The top shot looks wonderful even with some people around. Also like the view from above photo and, of course, the city panoramas.

  15. the view is breath takign as always. dun muna ko while waiting for the crowd to disperse, tapos saka na magshoot. perfect timing lang. and sometimes luck! Ü

  16. Man. A place to die for as a photographer. You sure are finding them, Maria!

  17. I'm in love with those canons!

  18. All beautiful images, very nice the perspective of the outdoor restaurant, wonderful the panoramas of the city.

  19. Good angle! And the shot of the tables and umbrellas below was also good. That looks like a formidable fortress.

    Have a great weekend!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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