Life Is A Cabernet 2

After leaving Martinelli Winery, we found ourselves driving towards Korbel Winery, which is more famous for producing sparkling wines or champagne.  They also produce brandy. 

This wasn't our first time here.  We've been here a couple of times before.  This time around we were lucky to time our arrival for the start of the free winery tour.

Go to wikipedia for information. It's the same things - more or less - that was in the tour except maybe when the guide showed us to the room where all the old tools and photographs and other mementos and awards were displayed.
Korbel uses the term "Champagne" on most of its sparkling wine labels. Whereas most other US producers identify their sparkling wine as such, and indicate the location where their grapes are produced, Korbel relies on a "semi-generic" provision under U.S. law. (wikipedia)


Enter through here. 
Korbel uses the champenoise methode in producing their sparkling wines/champagne.
Now sing with me here:  99 champagne bottles on the wall, 99 champagne bottles on the wall :)
No tour of the winery would be complete without a visit to this room where large barrels of wine are kept.
At the end of the free tour, there is a FREE wine tasting.  Yes folks, wine, er champagne tasting is FREE.  Not many gives free tasting.  As far as I know, it is the only one that gives free tasting.  So go ahead and taste.
This lovely gentleman was our very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide and pourer.  You're usually given 3 or 4 bottles to sample.  Who doesn't like a little sip of the bubby?  And they provide cookies and other yummies to clean your palate during the tasting.  And since this is a free tour and tasting, it's only polite to buy something :) That's just my opinion and that's what I do. 



  1. How was the wine?
    That looks like a fun tour. It must be interesting to know more about wine making and buy a few bottles afterwards!
    What is the price of a good bottle?

  2. did you buy any sauvignon after?
    that was a lovely and fascinating tour.

  3. definitely a wonderful place to visit,

    beautiful images!

  4. Love the title of the post and really enjoyed the post. I've always wanted to visit a winery. One of these days I'll just have to do it.

  5. How was it? Ang saya naman, free samples ahihi! :D

  6. I've discovered the good virtues of wine three years ago. I hace a better blood because the wine in my lunch.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. Very interesting indeed! So which ones did you like the best?

    Looking forward to the weekend?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  8. This supply would last somebody a lifetime!

  9. Interesting posts and nice pictures! The tour is so pleasant, a beautiful place to visit indeed. I seldom drink wine, however I prefer the white sparkling wine :-)

  10. I like these kind of tours, and with your pictures I've had a tour now, it's not the same as actually beeing there, but still enjoyable ;)

  11. If I were probably tasting all that wine they offered, I might end up too drowsy to walk. I do drink wine on airplanes to help make me sleep :)


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