St. Paul's Church and Grotto - Rabat

We had ample time to stop by and visit St. Paul's Church in nearby city of Rabat. Rabat is roughly 35 minutes drive by bus. Bus fare costs 45 cents one way.

Rabat is apparently where the saint was shipwrecked on his way to Rome to be put to trial.

The bus trip was uneventful. I noted that everyone uses public transport. We passed by some ruins, nothing impressive, but worth noting as well.

When we reached the church, it was nearing sundown. We were afraid that the church would be closed and we traveled all this far. But luckily the church was open. WE did not see the church itself as this was what greeted us. A staircase was on the right that pointed us down to the grotto.
We were looking around and was surprised to see that people that looked like  mother and son were already there.  Out of nowhere a local appeared and started to tell us the history of the place and about St. Paul's stay in Rabat.
He continued with his talk even though the mother and son left and just us to educate. 
Eye-catching detail.

Marble tombstones as flooring.


  1. Another incredible piece of architecture! I like the details on those ceilings.

  2. When I first saw the title, I thought you went to Morocco's capital city! I didn't know there's also a place named as such in Malta.
    Did that instant tour guide down the grotto ask money for his service?

  3. @ Nomadic Pinoy - yah he did :) but I was just happy to make a donation.

  4. I also first thought you moved to Morocco! :-)
    Nice of the local to teach you about the place... even if he was asking for money afterwards...

  5. It's an impressive church. I like all the little details that make up all the interesting nooks and crannies.

    How's your week so far?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  6. Great church, fabulous details: I really enjoy this fine post.

  7. @ GILLBOARD - yap I learned that there is another rabat and it's in malta.

  8. always fascinating when you visit a grotto and what i like about them is that they don't look so eerie and dirty, unlike you know... here.


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