This Was It


From the last post I mentioned that that was it with regards to my vacation/cruise. That's partly true and partly false.

True since Malta was the last port-of-call before returning to port of disembarkation, Barcelona.

However, we had another sea day before arriving in Barcelona. We took this opportunity to pack and make sure that the souvenirs we picked up in the different ports of call and in Barcelona and Paris before the cruise were intact, that nothing was broken, and that everything was there.

We relaxed the whole day that we were sailing - what else was there to do? We also got together with the people we met on the boat and toured the different city ports with for what we liked to call LAST SUPPER. Only the honeymooners did not show up - but we forgave them. After all what would honeymooners do with a bunch of us on the last day of cruise/honeymoon?

The couple from Victoria BC were there. We toured part of Rome with them prior to meeting up with my highschool gal pal in Vatican City and that's where we parted ways with them. We explored both Cairo and Alexandria with them.

The newly-engaged couple from Vancouver, BC showed up. WE met them first time in Piraeus and toured Athens, Cairo, Alexandria, and Malta with them.

The lovely ladies from Montreal were also there. We met them first time while watching the sunset on the first sea day. Najwa volunteered to take our photo in return we'd take her photo. She and her travelling gal pal Maiada were instrumental in making our Cairo experience wonderful as they spoke and read Arabic.

You could imagine how much fun it was at dinner. Since we were already all facebook friends at this time, we promised to keep each other posted with travel plans, in case someone would be interested to join. Before the dinner ended we all reminded each other that there was a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL happening at midnight.

For those who haven't been on a cruise, the last night on board is usually reserved for something really nice like an all-out pig-out CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL.

Most of my shots were out of focus, I'll say this before any of you asks where the photos are. I don't know if my camera had too much sugar - courtesy of the confections/candies/chocolates - or it had too much to drink, but just imagine the spread - chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate pastries, chocolate sculptures, chocolate sundaes, chocolate cakes, etc, etc, etc.

This wasn't my first time to the rodeo, so to speak, so I knew to watch my chocolate intake. My experience had taught me that excessive ingestion of this aphrodisiac would cause endless and painful trips to the loo. And so I took it easy, way too easy.

Then the next day, we were all up by 6 am to find the boat had docked in Barcelona. We breakfasted at leisure and met up with the honeymooners over breakfast. We didn't get to see the rest of our "group" because they were all doing Barcelona after the cruise - we did it before the cruise, pity since it would be really fun to explore Barcelona with all of them.

We boarded the free shuttle to the airport. It was too early for our 10 am flight to Madrid, but we thought that we could get an earlier flight and enjoy more time in Madrid - but this ain't the good ole USA we learned. We were told that for an earlier flight we had to pay extra - the amount of which exceeded the total amount that we paid for both tickets. So we sat there on the airport tweedling our thumbs watching the clock tick to 10 am.


  1. it's really nice to just sit down and sahre stories with other travelers. this really sounds a fun night! kaso tinakam mo naman ako sa sweets..

  2. chocolate festival? i'm in!

  3. it's nice. nakatravel ka na, and you've met new friends pa. that's the perfect vacation. :)

  4. I really admire how you write in detail everything in a trip. food goes well with stories no, hehe.

    p.s. all the kids love to draw and it's easy for them too, the youngest though is left-handed and does more abstract than figures which is the forte of his siblings :)

  5. You may have met as strangers but you all ended up as friends - that's one of travel's blessings.

    And I know how you feel about this because when we're in the company of like-minded persons, it's very easy to get along well with them.

  6. Too bad vacations have to end...

  7. a very comprehensive travel galore. ^0^
    thanks again for the do's and don't.
    the malta edition was an enjoyable one,
    i'd be sure to add this on my next must see sight.

  8. With al that chocolate, I know my wife would love to take that trip ;)

  9. wonderful. looked like you made new friends and enjoyed their company :)

  10. Even without the photos, I can imagine (and taste) the chocolate festival. It's so nice to see you. :)

  11. It's nice to travel with many friends!
    The Chocolate Festival must be pleasant :-)


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