Life Is A Cabernet 3

Late August, a fine sunny day, we met some friends for a day of wine tasting. They were camping in the valley and since we didn't feel like camping this year, we agreed to join them for wine tasting. We were caught in a traffic jam that we missed the first winery they went to.
We caught up with the group at Chateau St. Jean.
The garden is lovely and a perfect spot for weddings. In fact there was one happening on our way out.
That in the distance is the entry to the winery/tasting room and behind this archway is the tasting room.
While everyone was busy tasting, I was digging into the free sampling of gourmet olive oil dips, chocolate dips, vinegar dips, etc and shooting everything I fancy. Don't worry I had my sip too :)
Isn't this just the cutest candle holder? I did not see any price tag. And my experience tells me if the price tag is not attached, it's because no one can afford it, certainly not me.
How do you like these little cuties? Wine bottle bags, funky eh? I could and would use this as an everyday accessory :) Again, no price tag attached.


  1. so, when are you building your own winery? i volunteer as taster. *hic*

  2. Years and years ago, Maria, I did a wine-tasting in Napa Valley and will never forget it. What surprised me the most was how close the different wineries are to each other. I think we could have walked for much of the way (maybe better than driving?)! :) And yes, those funky accessories are fun. Hiccup.

  3. Your blog make me feel thirsty. I am wishing lunch and a cup of wine but it's still 12:14.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  4. awesome. I love to go on these wine tasting trips !

  5. Nice pictures and attractive place. I hope there were white sparkling wines too :-)

  6. Nice shots and cute wine bags ;-) I've been to CA but never tried to go to a winery before... maybe I should try that too :-)

  7. Wine tasting, happy hours, Giants in a world series against no other country, and some famous SF architecture. You have been around, that is for sure. I have done wine tasting in that area as well - my happiest memory is of a little town/spot-on-the-map by the name of Melody.

  8. although I haven't got the chance to visit a winery in Chile, your post reminds me of the superb wines I've tried while in southern Patagonia.

    the bag doesn't look like one where you put a wine - more like a satchel?

  9. Ive gone wine tasting once in Australia ..loved the pics

  10. oh wow! i like the second shot the most. as with the bag, my mother will definitely like it.

  11. It must have been fun! And the place looks gorgeous. Pictures 2 and 3 look marvelous.

  12. It looks like a lovely place to spend your day. I can sense the fun you all had!

    Have a great Monday!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  13. This is a nice place to visit Maria.
    I am surrounded by many vineyards (Muscadet).


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